Paramount's Master Plan to Look More Amateur

Paramount is starting to realize that just throwing money at a film's budget might not be the best way to win over audiences.

Thanks to the runaway success of "Paranormal Activity," Paramount announced that they will be producing an entire line of films with budgets less than $100,000 each.

"Paranormal" really made executives sit up and take notice. The film was estimated to have a production budget of somewhere between $11K- $15K (depending on who you ask) and so far to date, the movie's grossed over $141 million. This makes it the single-most successful film ever made.

According to the LA Times, Paramount will set up a special division that will specialize in "micro budget" films, hoping to churn out as many as 20 films per year, starting next year.

According to the Times article, Paramount's plan is to purchase existing scripts, rewrite them (uh-oh) and then release them digitally. Since a lot of theaters have switched over to digital projection, this can save Paramount a big chunk of change in the distribution cost of a movie. They also hope to keep costs down by using word of mouth to drive interest in the film.

In other words, Paramount will be snatching up someone's original creativity, "Hollywoodizing" it, artifically hyping it to the masses and then shitting it onto the megaplex screen near you, where it will look more like a student video, than a traditional film.

Is this what audiences want? Is this what YOU want?

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