“It’s Complicated” MPAA Makes it Complicated

Genres: Comedy and Romance
Running Time: 1 hr. 58 min.
Release Date: December 25th, 2009 (wide)
MPAA Rating: R for some drug content and sexuality.
Distributors: Universal Pictures

Directed by: Nancy Meyers

JJ Rating: B+

Jane (Meryl Streep) is divorced from Jake (Alec Baldwin) and Jake married the woman he cheated with. Through complicated events Jane and Jake end up having an affair and Jane doesn’t know what it means, but Jake tries really hard to charm her back into his arms. It’s Complicated.

Meryl Streep is just perfection in every sense of the word. Just beautiful and this age’s actress that has everyone marvel every time they see her on the state. Even though some movies she is in are not fantastic, she is always the reason it holds onto that ledge for dear life. Her ability to be whatever the script calls for is outstanding because she gives far more than what’s required. I will even admit to having a crush on her. She glows on the silver screen. Alec Baldwin and Streep are KABOOM awesome. He’s just so commanding in a narcissistic way. Not in a negative way but in a positive way. He comes on the screen and the attention is just stolen to him, even when he’s on the screen with Streep. Steve Martin is the architect Adam and he’s sweet and clam and everything the other two are not. John Krasinski (plays Jane’s son-in-law Harley) holds his own against the elder actors quite well. He is pretty good at humor and comedy. Must be why he’s in The Office.

The length kills me. I was growing weary at the hour and forty minute mark. It was pleasant to watch. It’s the lower end of the B+ spectrum. It’s entertaining and the pot smoking part was hilarious. The trailer presented it correctly. The trailer also shared far too much that would have allowed it to be even funnier. The laptop scene would have been funnier. The hotel scene would have been funnier. Trailers don’t have to be long. They can be a minute and share small snippets that tell a summery like they do for scripts. No need to share two minutes or even a minute and thirty seconds.

There is a lot of great family moments in It’s Complicated. I liked this film because of those family moments. The children speak about why they love being with their family and what the miss since the divorce. The humor that is presented is based on delivery of lines and how the actors react to certain situations. There’s hardly any lines that are funny in stand alone sense. So Streep, Baldwin, Martin and Krasinski worked with what they were given and give the audience laughter that was fun. They made the movie good.

Why is it rated R? Well according to the MPAA it has to do with drug content and sexuality. Uh…no. First of all there is few swear words, the sexuality was way toned down than let’s say in Avatar or Sherlock Holmes and so that leaves the drugs. The drug is pot. Pot is so naughty that it out rightly makes a movie rated R. Lame? Oh yes, yes it is lame. So lame because the use isn’t promoted in such a way as joked about. I have never smoked, but I thought that scene was hilarious. Why does the MPAA have to be so strict? Getting a R rating is death to certain movies. Good thing It’s Complicated made $22 million dollars. That’s a remarkable take, but this weekend was a Box Office breaker because of the total take of all films in the top slots.

It’s Complicated is a good film and it’s entreating and if one wants to see a simple fun film, then this is the film to see. It is more positive and touching that it is cynical and angry. You might have a better time than I did because a white woman sat behind us and she was talking loud as if her commentary was funny. Well she was not funny. I know funny commentary. I’ve been to a Tyler Perry movie and I have to say that black people are far funnier with their commentary than white people. I can say that because I’m neither white nor black. I’m just a mutt and not one of those fake mutts, a real mutt. I am actually mixed with two different races not two different GPS dots within the same color scheme. See the film if you like Streep, she’s always a treat.

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