Is OJ Simpson Writing a Killer Sit-Com?

According to a blurb in the Chicago Sun Times, everyone's favorite football hero/acquitted murderer OJ Simpson is allegedly writing both a play and a TV sitcom inspired by his life behind bars.

Simpson is currently serving at least 15 years, having been convicted of armed robbery and kidnapping in a Vegas hotel room in 2007.

Of course, any money OJ makes from selling this idea would immediately go to the Goldman family whose son was murdered along with Nicole Brown Simpson in 1994. To work around that, the Times stipulates that Simpson's daughter Sydney Simpson would technically be the author.

OK, I know that Hollywood is desperate for content, and the idea of something being written by OJ sounds interesting in a morbid, "are you f-ing kidding me?" sort of way, that would attract interest and viewers right out of the gate, but there has to be better ideas than this out there.

If we find out any more details, we'll post them here.
As always, stay tuned.

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