Another Star Wars Movie in the Works?

Things are usually very tight-lipped over at the Lucas house. But the boys at AICN pointed out an interesting blog post by composer Thomas Dolby that seemed to hint that another Star Wars movie might be in the early stages of development:

The following is from Dolby's personal blog:

My host is friend and former collaborator Paul Sebastien, who over the years has worked for Xbox, Playstation, and now LucasArts. Last night he was telling me a little about the forthcoming Star Wars-related TV show, movie and online games-very cool indeed.

The news about the TV show and games have been known for a while. But a movie? Maybe it was a slip of the tongue, or perhaps he's talking about a made-for-TV film or something.

But regardless, fanboys are no-doubt sporting light-saber-sized chubbies tonight.

[EDITOR'S NOTE] I could have used a more recent image of Dolby, but I figured most people probably remember him looking this way, so what the Hell.

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