Winter Box Office Preview - Part 2

Here's part two of our detailed look at the films that are scheduled to open before the end of the year.

For part one, go here.

As always, clicking on the title of the film will take you to the YouTube trailer.


Planet 51
JJ - Looks like another film that’ll have as much charm as Ice Age II and III combined. Not promising, but still ok-ish.

Judge - cute idea, looks entertaining. I'll probably see it.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon
JJ - Did not really like the first one and this one looks more darker and therefore better. I just like that Taylor Launtner took it upon himself to work out and keep his role and showed those guys that he wanted to stay. I am seeing this film to support his hard work---no matter how that might sound that is not exactly why I said it. I do like werewolves.

Judge - More of the emotional, glittery angst-filled teenage vampire romance that I just barely was able to stomach the first time. But now its got werewolves too! Yawn. If I was a 13 year old girl, I'd probably really love this movie. But since Im not, I will avoid it like Herpes.

The Blind Side
JJ - Sandra Bullock always = yes. What more do I want to say? Nothing.

Judge - Sandra Bullock - no. Sappy, heartstring pulling, predictable, wanna-be Oscar contender, ultimately collapsing under the weight of its own intentions. No thanks.


Old Dogs
JJ - The trailers just look funny and it reminds me a lot of Wild Hogs and I found that movie to be funny. I’ll take my chances and see this one and be easily amused by the gorilla making Seth Green sing.

Judge - Is there a plot to this thing? The trailer doesn't look like much, as far as I see. Just a bunch of silly, improbable easy jokes. Great. Who needs a story anyway? People will still fork out money no matter what.

The Road
JJ - Meh…maybe. It seems more boring and annoying and I don’t know. If I have time to see a family trek through the apocalyptic boring future I just might do it.

Judge - Hollywood appears to think that our future is destined to be a post-apocalyptic wasteland full of lawless vigilantes and/or zombies. Im a little tired of that scenario as I have a feeling Im part of a group of people that would happily survive something like this. But do we really need ANOTHER film with this as its central theme? Answer: No.

Ninja Assassin

JJ - YES. It looks freain’ kick Asain booty cool.

Judge - NO. A popcorn flick full of eye-popping visuals and not much of anything else.

Me and Orson Welles
JJ - Yes. Zac Efron is a very picky person when it comes to roles and what he wants. Not picky like not doing things, but choosey as in he doesn’t want to be typed cast and I like that and he can act. I would see a movie just because he’s in it because he’s worth seeing just like James Marsden. They provide the talent and I’ll provide the time.

Judge - Grammitically incorrect as the title may be, it looks like a fantastic little film. Christian McKay looks like he nails Welles' mannerisms and excentricities and it looks like the perfect vehicle for both McKay and Efron. Oscar worthy? Not sure. But I'll see it.


JJ - So boring and clich├ęd was the trailer. I think I might have to be desperate to see this one.

Judge - Everything you need to know about the film is in the trailer. Translation: it MIGHT make it to my Netflix cue, but only if I am seriously out of other movies to see.

JJ - Interesting premise and very good actors in the line up with Jake Gyllenhaal and Tobey Maguire as the brothers and Natalie Portman as the love interest…it’s almost too perfect for either a really good film or a really pretentious yawner.

Judge - I'm guessing pretentious yawner, but I could be wrong. The trailer makes a solid case for a decent movie.

Everybody’s Fine
JJ - This film looks pretty funny in a dramatic kind of way. I’ll see it as a second movie because what am I going to see?

Judge - Im guessing a big heartstring-puller, designed for families for the holidays. In other words, entirely forgettable come January.

Up in the Air
JJ - Up in the Air Is not important enough to open in Houston and therefore not important enough to see. That is that….people. That is that. Ha….nah. It looks ok. If I have time then I’ll make time to see it. If not, no big deal.
Judge - Critics have been raving about this one since it premiered as a sneak peak at this years Telluride Festival. Ivan Reitman is a master at storytelling and the trailer makes it interesting. I'd have to say that tis is one I am definitely interested in seeing.


The Princess and the Frog
JJ - I saw the first five minutes and I have to say it got me wanting to see more. It looks like it’s going to be Disney Gold.
Judge - Disney's usual storytelling of a classic tale, with the added trendiness of including New Orleans and the first African American lead character. I dont know, it just seems WAY too formulaic for me.

The Lovely Bones
JJ - And in direct contrast with a cute little Disney film we have a rape and murder live in-between film. Awww. Nice. It does catch my interest and I have interest to see it.

Judge - We've been following this one since it was announced that Peter Jackson had signed on with Dreamworks. Yeah, this is definitely a feel-good movie. Perfect for the holidays. Still, it looks fantastic and its a great book (so I've been told).


Did you Hear about the Morgans
JJ - Hugh Grant is a one trick pony, it seems, and Sarah Jessica Parker doesn’t seem too different, but if you like them and their ways then maybe their combination of talents (stretch) will be amusing. I, for one, will see this film because I find them both amusing as actors.

Judge - No, I didnt hear about the Morgans, because its a stupid film. Interesting that JJ mentioned a "one trick pony" as Sara Jessica Parker is looking more horse-like every day. It's a zany comedy, predictable as all-hell and utterly forgettable. It might make for a fun date movie, but that's about it. PASS.

JJ - Weirdness in this film. I think I know how it’ll all play out and even though I do the visuals were quite stunning, so I think I’ll take time out of my busy life to sit and enjoy this one.

Judge - James Cameron has been working on this film since Titanic was in theaters. Its budget is around a gajillion dollars and will probably never make a profit for the studio, but hey! Its got nifty CGI blue people and lots of special effects, so it will probably be a blockbuster hit. My opinion, if someone drives and buys me dinner, I might go see it.

JJ - I just wanted to say that when there is a movie by the same name already released in the same year….well it’s time to change the title so as to not confuse the little kiddies.

Judge - Director Rob Marshall looks to have a winner here, both with cast and cinematography. But is it too similar to "Chigaco" in its design and style? Its hard to tell from the trailer, but the visuals definitely hook me in.


It’s Complicated
JJ - I have grown to really like Meryl Streep and that will be the ONLY reason I will see this film. She’s so good at what she does it’s just wowing every time.
Judge - Predictable and silly, it looks interesting. Id have to toss a coin, but I would say yes to this one.

Sherlock Holmes
JJ - Robert Downey Jr. = yes. He’s just that good to me. Though Guy Ritchie gives me pause.

Judge - I have a fear that this is going to turn out much like "Van Helsing" - a bit too supernatural for my tastes, still I love Robert Downey Jr and think this would be a fun one to watch.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
JJ - Heath Ledger’s last film. The morbidly fascinated people will be moved to see this last work that he was not able to finish. I’m part of that crowd.

Judge - I love Terry Gilliam's work, which seems to be tortured and cursed at every step of his career. The fact that he was able to finish this film while losing his lead actor is commendable. I'd really like to see what he can do with this story. My vote: YES.

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel
JJ - I’m pretty sure I’m a lone critic in wanting to see this little animal mess…but what can I say? I love cheesy movies that remind me of childhood. Unless, of course, they are titled Transformers II…there’s no excuse for that travesty of junk.

Judge - No no no no no! Not if you tied me to the chair and held my eyelids open ala "Clockwork Orange" would I be interested in seeing this silly, stupid, pointless waste of computer generated ones and zeros. "The first film made money, so lets do it again!" should not be an acceptable reason for a sequel. Good lord, aren't the Chipmunks senior citizens by this point. And now they've got girlfriends. The crap just keeps on flowing, folks.

Well that's it for this year's year-end look at the movies. Let us know what you are interested in seeing.

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