Winter Box Office Preview - Part 1

Editor's note: Every year we' put together a list of movies that will be opening during the holiday season and finishing out the year. This year, however, I have to say that there really isn't that much worth watching. Honestly, I can't think of a worse year end for films.

But that hasn't stopped Jay Jammer and myself from throwing around our $0.02 like it means something.

So here is the first part of a short list of films that are scheduled to come out between now and the end of the year that may or may not be worth watching.

Most of this was written by JJ. I just added my comments where appropriate.

By Jay Jammer-

This season reminds me of how January to March looks every year: dead. What happened to the Winter Push where they choke us with Oscar Contenders? Guess the recession and the Writer’s Strike has caught up to us. It’s like a skeleton list. It seems so small.

After looking through the major releases I’m not too excited for much. The Studios are committing suicide in a slow methodical manner of boring everyone away from the theater and into the hands of bootlegging and video games. They sure do know how to do business right.

Old men and their stubborn ways…. The film industry was afraid that the VCR would alter how people watched movies so that they wouldn't go out and see films any more. They were wrong. However, they are not winning a battle with the bootleggers. They are losing revenue because they are now really competing with the cheap bootleg as well as the awesome home theater system. What have they done to combat that? NOTHING....and so as they lose and lose and lose money every day because of their stubbornness should someone feel sorry for their old man mentality? NO. And therefore no one should be shocked by how cruddy movies continue to become with the rare The Hangover or (500) Days of Summer rattling around in obscurity and maybe becoming popular enough to give us movie lovers a glimmer of theatrical hope. Not a snowflake chance in hell that this winter will give us much of a reason to want to leave the house to pay $10 and put up with teenagers and loud talking deaf old people.

Clicking on the link will take you to the trailer for the film.


A Christmas Carol

JJ - I don’t know. Visually it looks stunning and it is an amusing trailer. However, the trailer is also annoying and I don’t care for Christmas stories…they bore me. It’s a maybe not for me.

Judge - Its apparently not the Christmas season unless we have some variation on the classic Dicken's novel. Seriously, how many versions do we really need of the same story? There should be a law that limits the amount of Charles Dickens and Jane Austin stories told, re-told, re-imagined and re-booted. Besides, "Scrooged" is better anyway. PASS.

The Fourth Kind

JJ - Boring, boring and boring. I am so sick of these kinds of movies. No.
Judge - yet another scary movie. It kind of loses its appeal after Halloween. PASS.

Precious: Based on the Novel "Push" by Sapphire

JJ - It is something that I have had an interest in. I like a good dramatic movie that will move me emotionally and get me to think of things that I have never had the opportunity to think about. This film looks like something that can do that---or put me to sleep. It’s a toss up.

Judge - this one's been getting a lot of bus from pretentious film school snobs. Its got all that heartstring-pulling, inner-city drama that a narrow demographic of the movie audience might like. In other words, its an Oscar contender that no one will see.

The Box

JJ - I like James Marsden. I have always thought he was a very good actor and every single time he’s in a film I have seen he has never disappointed with his acting ability and therefore based on that alone (and the interesting story premise) I will be seeing this film.

Judge - Based solely on the plot, its got shades of Hitchcock written all over it. A great idea, but can they deliver the level of suspense that a story like this begs for? Im not sure.

The Men Who Stare at Goats

JJ - Trifecta of Ewan McGregor, George Clooney and Kevin Spacey is interesting enough to get me to think about seeing this film as well. And then enough for me to totally ignore it because the storyline doesn’t totally snag me as interesting. It’s on the maybe yes side.

Judge - It has potential. I think it at least looks entertaining and its a winning cast. This is one of the few films Im actually interested in this season.


JJ - I’m seeing this mainly for the destruction promise. Acting and storyline ar
e not of any interest, but if they become an annoyance it’ll be a topic I’ll take head on. I just want to see things destroyed in cool ways.

Judge - Story means nothing for a film like this. Only how realistic the destruction can be. But
who doesnt love an opportunity to see Los Angeles destroyed over and over again?

Pirate Radio
JJ - It
looks funny and historically entertaining. Finally a movie about someone else’s country’s booboos of control.

Judge - Sounds cool, and I like the music, so I'll say yes, this is one to watch.

Fantastic Mr. Fox (limited)
JJ - It looks like it tries to hard and the voice work is just people using their regular voices…it’s close to a boring trailer. It has a bit of funny in there and that is why I will maybe see it.

Judge - Its another animated flick, with only a marginally interesting plot. Pass.

The Messenger
JJ - Looks interesting on cast alone. Story seems a bit overdone, but it’s not opening near me so what do I care?

Judge - OK, I'll agree that this one looks good and I like the idea, but if the trailer gives any indication that Woody Harrelson spends the entire movie with marbles in his mouth, Im going to scream.

[ED Note:
Stay tuned for part two of this preview as soon as I get motivated enough to add all the posters and links to the trailers. ]

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