Weekend Box Office Recrap

"The Twilight Saga: New Moon" couldn't translate its astounding opening day numbers into a record breaking weekend. Summit Entertainment's lethargic pre-teen emo-fest managed to squeeze out a surprising $140,700,000 according to studio estimates for the weekend, making it the third largest 3 day take for a film (behind Dark Knight and Spider Man 3).

The vamp and werewolf teen romance flick also made this the biggest weekend of 2009 and the biggest November weekend ever.

And yet, the movie is crap. (Rotten Tomatoes currently pegs it at 29% fresh) It just goes to show you that fanboy (or in this case fangirl) hype can still trump wooden acting and terrible dialog.

Biggest loser for the weekend (other than those of you that went to see New Moon, hehe) appears to be "The Fourth Kind" which feel 62% from 5th to 9th place.

And yes, I do happen to know that Im a cynical asshole. Thanks to those of you that point out the obvious.

Here's the top ten for the weekend:

1 (new) The Twilight Saga: New Moon $140,700,000
2 (new) The Blind Side $34,510,000
3 (1) 2012 $26,500,000
4 (new) Planet 51 $12,600,000
5 (2) Disney's A Christmas Carol $12,230,000
6 (3) Precious (Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire) $11,007,500
7 (4) The Men Who Stare at Goats $2,773,000
8 (7) Couples Retreat $1,951,680
9 (6) The Fourth Kind $1,730,400
10 (9) Law Abiding Citizen $1,615,000

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