Weekend Box Office Recap

Disney's "A Christmas Carol" easily took the top spot at the box office this weekend making more than twice as much as the #2 film. However it fell short of its projections.

Box office Guru had an interesting thought about Disney's ubiquitous re-telling of the story of Scrooge:

The final product is incredibly close to the original story which was just a collection of words. That's a great artistic achievement, but will today's kids raised on funny Pixar films and 3D toons filled with comedy and zaniness be into a more serious story where one of the funniest men working in Hollywood doesn't actually make the audience laugh that often?

Opening weekend is not the time to try to make carefull observations about a film, but it will be very interesting to see how the movie does next week - or what its total gross might be by the time Christmas gets here.

Meanwhile, Sony continues to make money off Michael Jackson's corpse. "This is it" came in second place, clearing an estimated $14 mil.

And the biggest loser of the weekend fell completely out of the top ten. "Saw IV" dropped 62%, falling from 6th to 11th place. Horror movies tend to be forgotten about in the month of November, but that drop is still pretty extreme.

Here's the top ten for the weekend:

1 (new) Disney's A Christmas Carol $31,000,000
2 (1) Michael Jackson's This Is It $14,000,000
3 (new) The Men Who Stare at Goats $13,309,000
4 (new) The Fourth Kind $12,521,285
5 (2) Paranormal Activity $8,600,000
6 (new) The Box $7,855,000
7 (4) Couples Retreat $6,428,250
8 (3) Law Abiding Citizen $6,172,000
9 (5) Where the Wild Things Are $4,225,000
10 (7) Astro Boy $2,588,000

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