“Pirate Radio” Plank Walking Would be More Exciting

Genres: Art/Foreign and Comedy
Running Time: 1 hr. 55 min.
Release Date: November 13th 2009 (wide)
MPAA Rating: R for language, and some sexual content including brief nudity.
Distributors: Focus Features

Directed by: Richard Curtis

JJ Rating: B -

The British Invasion was a great musical time for history and yet who knew that The UK’s government didn’t even like their great ambassadors. Good thing for radio stations that didn’t care. Yay for ships in water. Pirate Radio.

The acting was ok. No one did a cool little thing that would have made them at all memorable. The characters were distinct but they were not fleshed out enough to make them vibrant and therefore Pirate Radio was a storybook type movie. That means that each character just told a story instead of did any acting or development of more than telling what happened. Plank walking would be more interesting and exciting than how they told this story.

I learned that even on a boat that is suppose to be progressive with it’s music and fun they had a sense of morals with what happens on the boat. There was a hint of a sense of justice. So it doesn’t matter how awesome cool some place is they have rules, even if they are not written ones.

The government personal were totally retarded with their need to shut down a radio station. It’s like those parent groups getting all pissed off at “Gossip Girl” and their naughty nature. Funny thing is that “Gossip Girl” just says they’ll do this or that but what ends up being in the show is less in your face.

It is a long movie but not 2 hours and 40 minutes like 2012 so that is a plus. It is not a movie that I want to see again. It was interesting to watch once. Pirate Radio does have a fantastic ending. It did leave me smiling. That’s good to have me smile. I like to smile.

Pirate Radio isn’t a film that will be remembered for much, if anything. It told a story that could have been read from a book or a newspaper clipping. It did not add more to the story. Nothing dramatic or stunning was shown. When a story is boring but compelling as a whole it is important to find a way to share the story so that it’ll stick in someone’s mind even hours after seeing it.

The song choices were perfect. That was one thing that they did good and if you are to purchase something with this movie’s name on it get the soundtrack and pass up the ticket.

Should you see it? I’m going to go with nah. It’s not worth seeing in the theater. I really suggest you wait until it comes to Red Box or you can Netflix it. Nothing worthy of any waves be it ocean or radio.

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