Owen Wilson to Voice Marmeduke

Owen Wilson has been attached to voice the slobbering Great Dane Marmeduke for Fox.

Hoping to ride the coat-tails of the "Chipmunk" success, but having learned nothing from the flop that was "Garfield," we reported back in March that Fox was fast-tracking this one to strike while the iron was hot. Wilson was the final piece to the production - which is destined to be as unfunny and un-entertaining as the played-out comic strip its adapted from.

The Hollywood Reporter gives the details:

In adapting the strip created in 1954 by Brad Anderson and Phil Leeming, the script by Tim Rasmussen and Vince Di Meglio ["License to Wed"] sees Marmaduke navigate a volatile Mutts vs. Pedigrees turf war, woo the purebred of his dreams and overcome a fall from grace.

No release date has been listed, but expect Fox to drop this steamer into some family-friendly seasonal time slot in the near future.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah - it's because Owen has become too shaky and strung-out for live-action recently. Expect to see a lot more voice-over work from him in the future ... Cocaine is bad, kiddies!

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