Omarosa Gets Her Own Series

Small time cable network TV One has decided the world has not seen enough of Omarosa.

Like a herpes outbreak that wont go away, the two time "Apprentice" loser and reality TV show whore (seriously, she's been on over 20 different shows) has, according to Broadcasting and Cable, teamed up with Donald Trump to develop a dating show for herself:

The series will feature a dozen guys vetted for the chance to potentially wed her.

Really? I find it hard to believe that there would be anyone that would want to date - let alone wed - this woman, but maybe batshit crazy is a turn on for some guys. I don't know. Implants can be deceiving.

The new series is scheduled for some time in 2010 on the network, which can be seen on Directv ch 328 and a few other cable systems.

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J_Jammer said...

HAHAHA....ooh....train wreck of the year.

The Judge said...

Yeah, I think so too.

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