Is the CW on a Cliff?

In an interview with Charlene Weisler, TV veteran Simon Applebaum looks at the future of television and theorizes that unless things change soon, some networks are going to be in big trouble, or just go belly up:
At least one broadcast network will flunk. Right now, I think the CW is on the edge of the cliff. I know they are going after the young audience, but their shows are not working for the most part. "Melrose Place" is a disaster. "90210" is the same thing. Both shows are done.

I think CW has a year or two to make it. This could be the final year of the CW if the ratings don't get better I think that network will drop.

The full interview, which also touches on issues like the future of PBS, privacy and Internet TV are broken up into several video clips on Weisler's blog.

Of course, this really isn't ground-breaking, earth-shattering news. People have been talking about the fate of the CW for a while. It's been up against the ratings ropes for years.

And I think the single biggest problem with their ratings is the demographic the network hopes to get: Young adults and teens. Most of this demographic is not sitting in front of a TV anymore. They're plugged into their iPhones and watching content through means other than the old boob tube. Some of the programming is sticking around a bit ("Gossip Girl" episodes are a big seller on iTunes) but I dont think this is enough to keep a network afloat.

I know I personally can't remember the last time I watched something on CW, but I'm also no longer the target demographic. It will be interesting to see what happens with all of this.

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