“Good Hair” Good Answer to WHERE THE HELL DOES THE MONEY GO?

Genres: Comedy and Documentary
Running Time: 1 hr. 35 min.
Release Date: October 9th, 2009 (limited)
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for some language including sex and drug references, and brief partial nudity.
Distributors: Roadside Attractions, Roadside Entertainment

Directed by: Jeff Stilson

JJ Rating: B+

It’s all about what women do to look like women. Well if they are a black woman, of course with a twist of comedy here and there. Good Hair.

When a black woman goes to get their “hair did” it is a task and then some. They put chemicals into their hair to have it straightened like long blond flowing hair. Or they could just weave real human hair from India into their own. Or they could just let their hair alone and be unique and beautiful (personal preference rules).

Good Hair is a funny title in that it plays on what most black women are after: that hair that everyone else in the world has but them. Something that is workable and manageable. A something that’ll give hair full body and movement that the wind can toy with and it doesn’t stand out like an afro that makes people think the wrong kind of thoughts like uneducated and dirty (I don’t think that at all—it’s hot). No matter what they do with it at the “beauty shop” they do not like it when it’s touched. That was pretty funny part of the film with the women and men talking giving their view about touching that hair. To sum that part up: DO NOT TOUCH THE HAIR or you might lose a finger or five.

I think the afro puff is hot. Wrap a bandana around and then you know what happens? Even hotter. I never realized how much I thought that until I saw this film. I have this thing for blonds as well but it’s not as pronounced because it’s more of a flight of fancy kind of thing. Blond hair isn’t necessarily something that solidifies hotness like an afro puff, but it’s enough for a turn and look.

Good Hair is very informative and Chris Rock is amusing as well as personable. I have never seen him be such a people person as he is in this documentary. I learned that they have a Hair Olympics in Atlanta. Ha-well not really, but it does seem that way when I watched the film. There is this competition that awards a hairdresser $20,000 should they become the judges’ choice. There are four contestants. They are each interviewed throughout the film. The editing, I think, captured their personalities quite nicely. One was carefree, one was aloof, one was newbie and another was a bitter loser for year’s past. What they had to do was put on a show cutting hair. Good Hair showed me that there is an event I want to go to just so I could take pictures and don’t worry I have a black friend that would be more than willing (meaning not until she no longer needs relaxer) to take me to this event and proudly walk around with me as I take pictures of what I would deem the black people’s freak show. There was hair that would totally go against nature as well as make the French of the 1700’s gawk in pure jealousy.

Speaking of relaxer this film makes it seem like they are putting a nuclear dump into their hair. Eek. What do I know? I don’t have black hair. I’m not even black. The only thing I ever put in my hair was gel and that was only because my hair was far too straight and didn’t want to cooperate.

Then there’s where the hair comes from and that would be India the main exporter of hair. It’s such a money getter that girls could lose their hair while watching a movie, sleeping or just some random act in the street. Snip-snip. That’s just ridiculous. What makes it worse is that it’s not really looked at as a crime, because it’s just hair. Put a price on anything and people will go crazy finding ways to get it so that they can get money.

The famous black women who were interviewed talked about how much they spend, why they spend that much and how it makes them feel were amusing and interesting as well as very personal. I think it added more to what I was seeing because they were sharing and I was getting it and slowly falling in love…*clear throat*…but that’s a totally different story.

Good Hair is good because it explains what many people just don’t get. It gives a view into an industry that is run mainly by Asians but the only customers are black. That is its own controversy (Asians running it instead of blacks being the majority) that seems a bit dated, but why do I care since it’s not my race. If you have ever dated a black woman or are thinking about it or just wonder where the hell all that money goes….Good Hair is a film you should see. An arm and a leg don’t even begin to explain how much it costs to maintain that do.

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