“Where the Wild Things Are” Oh Yeah.

Genres: Comedy, Kids/Family, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Animation and Adaptation
Running Time: 1 hr. 34 min.
Release Date: October 16th, 2009 (wide) MPAA
Rating: PG for mild thematic elements, some adventure action and brief language.
Distributors: Warner Bros. Pictures Distribution

Directed by: Spike Jonze

JJ Rating: A-

The film is taken from a little book that became very famous children’s story with few pages and monsters that came from somewhere other than from under the bed. Where the Wild Things Are.

This film is so weirdly relaxing, amazingly beautiful and slowly enchanting. I would normally feel that this kind of movie would bore me to tears. There is hardly any action. There’s a lot of subtle feeling and nuances to a child’s inner workings. It’s far deeper than I had anticipated. Where the Wild Things Are was a really slow story and more of a reveal. There was no aha moment or anything really surprising. It was just a glimpse into a world that was created to assist a child with a problem. The different ‘wild things’ represented the different aspects of his own personality.

Visually Where the Wild Things Are is stunning with the ‘wild things’ being amazing to just look at and oddly comforting. There are a few key areas where a child might get scared but the overall problem is that a child would grow bored of this film just like the one behind me was kicking and moving about while his parents totally believed the theater should double as some sort of jungle gym just for him. More and more I like Alamo Drafthouse with its rule of no children under a certain age. It’s a blessing in so many ways, as would be a theater that wouldn’t allow any teenagers because they do nothing but text and talk doing the film and that’s because they didn’t pay for it.

Back to it being visually stunning before I was distracted by obnoxious people who pay to ruin a film…I watched in amazement for the majority of the film because it’s just amazing to see. So much personality is grafted onto the ‘wild things’ as characters visually as well as their voices that infused with so much feeling, depth, pain, anger and child like care via the actors’ voices. It’s a really an artistic film.

I want it because if I have trouble sleeping I can watch it and it will rock me to sleep in a meaningful way more than a bored way. I understand if others don’t like it. I understood why people didn’t like The Village, but I loved it. These kinds of stories are not stories I would fight tooth and nail about or over why someone disliked, because I get it. I really liked this film for every reason it was created and would love to hear the commentary on why they did certain things.

On a more devious note Where the Wild Things Are could so be a shirt with an arrow pointing down or a dirty pick up line. I have not tried it so I cannot tell you how well it works or does not work based on the slap ratio, but even if I did why would I ruin the fun in finding out how great or not great the line actually is?

Do not take your child. It has many questionable moments in it that deal with two swear moments, as well as the monsters speaking of eating the boy, anger that is scary when it comes from creatures that look like they can gobble one up in a nightmare and it’s really slow for children. They would get bored and run up and down the aisle proving that movie theaters really are not a playground for the children of parents who can’t keep them being respectful for about two hours. How is that so difficult? And if it is, why did you even bother to begin with?

If you plan on seeing Where the Wild Things Are it would be best to go with a mind open to the fact that it will be a slow and the subject matter far thicker than you had anticipated from a children’s book adaptation. This is definitely a movie you have to be in the mood to see or else you’ll turn critical and angry that you are wasting your time with this thinker when you could be seeing something as hollow and crusty like Transformers II at home with covers and some yummy microwave popcorn that’s three months old.

Or go out to the bar and pick up some ladies with your dancing eyebrows and the comment of you know where some wild things are if you know what I’m saying. Or don’t do that and save yourself the trouble of being in jail for the night with some wild things that have their own case of wild things or crabs, if you will.

Wild Thing….I think I love you. Dunnnn dundundunnnn….

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