Weekend Box Office Recap

The spooky "Paranormal Activity" wins the weekend, bringing in $22 million in its wide release bow.

Newcommer "Saw VI" came in a distant second, while "Where the Wild Things Are" had the biggest drop of any film in the top 10, dropping almost 56% to fall to 3rd place.

And "The Vampire's Assistant" came in a surprisingly low 8th place, bringing in only $6 million, while "Astro Boy" came in 6th.

Here's the top ten for the weekend:

1 (3) Paranormal Activity $22,000,000
2 (new) Saw VI $14,800,000
3 (1) Where the Wild Things Are $14,420,000
4 (2) Law Abiding Citizen $12,713,000
5 (4) Couples Retreat $11,097,140
6 (new) Astro Boy $7,017,000
7 (5) The Stepfather $6,500,000
8 (new) Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant $6,347,970
9 (6) Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs $5,600,000
10 (7) Zombieland $4,300,000

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