Toy Story 3 poster - yawn

Disney has released a couple of posters for their new "Toy Story 3." Let the hype train commence.

TotalFilm has the info if you're interested.


Statii Beton said...

I have a strange feeling that Toy Story 3 will disappoint everyone and is just a try to revive the old toy story movie success. BTW the poster for it is nice

The Judge said...

Pixar's mojo has to run out at some point and this may be their "Ice Age 3"

I really hate it when they milk a franchise this way, squeezing every last dollar out of it as it dries up and dies. I guess Disney is in panic mode just like the rest of the studios: any port in a storm.

J_Jammer said...

But don't these film take years to create?

Plus Disney has their first handdrawn Animation release.....coming soon.

I don't think it'll disappoint. It has HIGH standards to live up to, though. They were thought to not be able to hit it with Toy Story II and it did hit it and some even like it more than the first.

There's too many people involved that wouldn't do it if the III wasn't good enough. I'm having trust that because they did it it'll be just as good if not better.

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