"Saw VI" Ain't No Dexter

Genres: Suspense/Horror and Sequel
Running Time: 1 hr. 31 min.
Release Date: October 23rd, 2009 (wide)
MPAA Rating: R for sequences of grisly bloody violence and torture and language.

Director: Kevin Greutert

JJ Rating: B

Time to take insurance people down a notch. Saw VI.

The editor of Saw, II, III, IV, and V is now the director. I personally liked Saw, II and IV. I did not like III and V. III was bleh and then I saw IV and liked III a little better. But V was just not good to me.

When the film started and the first two people trapped started to dance around afraid and then the voice said something about insurance companies I was snickering. What a perfect thing to go on a bloody rampage over. Totally threaten insurance companies with a film that mocks their lack of morals with a movie that totally lacks any moral high ground. The film was a drag through most of the allotted time. There wasn’t enough fun for it to keep my attention.

BUT then the last 30 minutes started playing and it started showing what the first two Saws had so much of and that was guts and glory. The poster is a snippet of that scene. There is even an ancient TV star in the mix (Family Matters). From that moment until the end it was a good ride. There are mild twists that are pleasant once they are revealed. I do love the way a script can take an assumption and twist it just right to make it factual in the viewer’s mind and ignored until it is revealed and then an oooh happens.

There is a lot of guts action as well. It is that time of the year for such to be popular as disturbing as that might be to realize. Sometimes I wonder about people that say they love horror movies. I find it disturbing that I find them interesting from time to time. But mine is a rare like. I liked The Final Destination movies and the Saw movies. That’s about it. Even watching this last installment I cringed and turned and almost threw up at the beginning.

The interesting thing was the moral conundrum that the main person is in. This film was similar to the third installment. One guy decides who lives or dies. However, there is a bit of a different ending. I think it’s a better ending than I had expected it to have. I was pleased that I had not figured it out by the time it came along. I had got one aspect of it, but that was too apparent. I have a friend that figures out the ends of movies quickly. I am not that friend and I’m glad to not be that friend. I like being shocked or surprised. I don’t put that much effort into figuring it out. I just jump to this or that conclusion and if I’m wrong, oh well. I just watch to enjoy the film.

I am not shocked that this film didn’t make the most money. Apparently Paranormal Activity is really good and so it scored number one. There wasn’t a whole lot of people at the theater when I went on Saturday night. There was like a handful of people there. There was no screaming. I’m sure there was a lot of squirming. How many more different ways to die can a film create after the fifth one? Not too many. That’s why the last “choice” one for the main character was pretty creative more so than the rest of the film.

The other good thing about Saw VI’s ending was the full circle moment. That is why the poster is so important. I like how in the Saw movies the music amps up when the end comes. I like the way they do flashbacks and the speedy camera turn around the victim. There were a few throw back moments in this film; maybe it was only a couple? I only say a few because I might have forgot one.

Overall it was a decent installment of the film. The ending made it apparent it was the last one. At least that is how I view it since it came full circle. I do think that it has finally ran its course and that the film industry will now have to find the next “awesome” thing that they can exploit now that this film is really dead in the moral lake of blood.

By the way Jigsaw is no Dexter. I could watch "Dexter" episodes again, but have never seen a Saw again. Dexter is far more interesting and far more to the point and less playful and ridiculous with redundant schemes. Dexter is a creepy conversation to have with people, because I like “Dexter” but I don’t want to hear how someone else likes it. I will discuss it but sometimes those that like it-like it a little too much and that’s not ok. I’m not ok with that. Nope, it’s creepy-creepy.

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