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OK, so we finally got smart and made ourselves a presence on Facebook.

What this means is that you can read the crazy crap that I post when I don't feel like writing up a big article for the main website. Its not always the same stuff we post here, though I will link to Jay's reviews every time we get them. Mostly its the bizarre articles, culled from several sources around the dirty fringe of Hollywood that I find amusing at any given time. Feel free to throw your comments in or steal the links for your own FB feeds. Its there for fun.

I've also linked the Facebook and website posts to Twitter, so we've got that covered as well.

So to make a long story short, you can now follow Hollywood Dump several ways.

Click here to become a fan of our Facebook page

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Or just keep visiting us the way you've always been visiting us. We're just happy you're here.

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Hollywood Dump on Facebook

In addition to the articles we post here, we also link to stories we think are interesting and post them to our Facebook page. If you're on FB, become a fan!