New Doctor Who Logo Unveiled

The BBC unveiled the newly re-designed logo for the next season of "Doctor Who"

I used to love the show back when I was a kid in the Tom Baker days, but only recently have I come back to series and enjoyed what the boys across the pond continue to crank out.

And with David Tennant leaving and Matt Smith stepping into the shows of the good doctor, the BBC decided it was time for a face lift of the logo as well.

Here's the new design from the teaser clip. Let me know what you think:

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J_Jammer said...

I love Doctor Who. Such a great show. I watched all the episodes thanks to NetFlix. I am sad that they didn't have a season this year, but I saw a few of the specials.

I like how they introduced the Logo. I don't know how I feel about it. It's like the Syfy...or whatever logo. Now that I've seen it so often it's just grown on me. I don't think that means I like it more, just I've grown more tolerable.

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