Bana's Love Affair with a Beast

My first car - my first REAL car - was a 1966 Ford Mustang fastback. (kinda like the one pictured at left). Mine had a 200 cubic inch (back before they measured em in liters, kids) straight six cylinder engine that worked really well, but sounded about as fierce as a window-mounted air conditioner.

To make matters worse, the car was painted to look like a Shelby GT-350. It didn't have the badges and all the details, but it was "Wimbledon white" with "guardsmen blue" stripes, side air scoops (that did nothing) and just...LOOKED fast. I called it my "reverse-sleeper." (some racing folks might get this reference). As a result, I was being challenged for street races constantly.

I ended up selling the car for far less than what it was worth and to this day, still wish I had the old pony in the stall, ready to fire up and terrorize the streets with my hamster wheel motor screaming for mercy.

So when a friend of mine told me about a new movie that's making its premiere at the Austin Film Festival about actor Eric Bana and the love affair with a car he's owned since he was a kid, I knew I had to see this thing.

Here's the trailer for "Love The Beast":

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