Weekend Box Office Recap

The Summer movie season is officially over and this weekend proves that point perfectly.

Despite falling 54% from its opening bow "The Final Destination" still managed to take the top spot for a second weekend in a row. Not bad for a movie that's running at 28% fresh at Rotten Tomatoes.

OK, according to most people who see it, the movie sucks. So why is it number 1 for the second week?

Because its competition sucks even worse.

"All About Steve" didn't get a lot of love from critics and consumers alike. Stephanie Zacharek from Salon summed it up by calling it: "A romantic comedy so lunkheaded and ill-conceived that it makes your average, idiotic Kate Hudson-Matthew McConaughey outing look like the reincarnation of Hepburn and Grant. "

From the consensus of reviews, I think we may have a winner for the worst film of 2009. Razzie folks, are you listening? Of course you are.

Here's the top ten for the weekend.

1 (1) The Final Destination $12,435,000
2 (new) All About Steve $11,200,000
3 (2) Inglourious Basterds $10,846,659
4 (new) Gamer $9,000,000
5 (4) District 9 $7,000,000
6 (3) Halloween 2 $5,608,338
7 (6) Julie & Julia $5,200,000
8 (5) G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra $5,100,000
9 (7) The Time Traveler's Wife $4,215,000
10 (new) Extract $4,187,000

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