“9” Darkly, Devastatingly Beautiful

Genres: Action/Adventure, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Animation and Adaptation
Running Time:
1 hr. 19 mins

Release Date: September 9th, 2009 (wide)
MPAA Rating:
PG-13 for violence and scary images.
Focus Features

Directed by: Shane Acker

JJ Rating: B+

Post apocalyptic Earth with machines and little creations via a single scientist ingenuity. 9.

The few things I really, really like about this movie were the characters, the animation, a dark scene and time. There wasn’t a lot of screen time for the characters so their development is one of the most important things that 9 had to accomplish. It was perfect and on point with all the development. There was no long drawn out scene to establish who was who. They had action and good dialog to do that. The animation was amazing. I loved the details that went into the way the characters looked. There were enough similarities between all 9 of the characters to know that there was one creator and enough differences to have them be unique on their own. The look of the film was perfection. Also there is a single scene in the film that is very unique in a way because it’s not a scene that has been done a whole lot. I’m sure there are films or a few that has done this, but not enough; which is why it’s unique. I can’t really say what the scene is because it’ll give it away, but it has something to do with fake safety of the moment with music that will remind people of orange minus red bricks. It’s one of the best moments in the film even though it is a darker moment in a dark movie. It was also oddly beautiful because of how it was all set up. The final good thing about the film was that the time was perfect. The story gets right into it from the moment it starts and things just keep rolling.

The massive problem is that the story is not as strong as the things I mentioned. The storyline is pretty interesting about how the machines were initiated as useful and only then they were turned into something more sinister. There are massive parallels to many things in history and that is also what makes the film good. The story, as a whole, was not as strong as it could have been. I wished that the film had a hard hitting punch like District 9 did with how it dealt with integration of differences.

I am amused by how there are sometimes movies that come in twos. Like two destruction movies that are similar but not so in story: Deep Impact and Armageddon. Then there was Antz vs. A Bug’s Life. There are several examples. It’s just funny how they come out like that. District 9 and 9 had me thinking about this.

I can see how 9 could be used in Sociology or History or Science classes. It has a lot of uses in that regard and could start a few conversations on many things. There are a lot of religious tones as well as evolution ideas that litter the film as well as different political ideology. I could see myself owning this one because of that one scene that was darkly, devastatingly beautiful. That is how the entire film could be described, actually. It’s philosophically deranged with a hint of realism that can be picked apart and applied to what’s going on today in any part of the world.

One could state that title 9, as well as a name of one of the characters, has meaning. Humans gestate at roughly 9 months and once you see the film (if you do) you may have more understanding why that might hold relevance. I figured it out before the end even was close. What it had me thinking about is also a reason why I sort of liked this film as a whole. That is your assignment should you see 9. You are to think why was the number used as a stopping point for the creator’s creations? Send me your answers.

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