2009 the Summer of...alrightness

In no particular order (aside from Star Trek) I present the SUMMER of 2009.…the bland summer of 2009...the summer I think that could have been better settling for alright. I personally think if I were given the money I could make a better movie than the majority of the films released, not only this summer, but so far this year.

Best movies of Summer 2009

1. Star Trek – Aside from the over use of the lens flare...this was Star Trek as it was meant to be told. It went where no Star Trek film had never gone before and it left nothing out of it’s fantastic display as well as story telling. The franchise once thought dead was reborned in a glorious phoenix-like display. Making it my favorite release pre and post Summer 2009.

2. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince – The magical world of Harry Potter has never been so dark and it has never been so engrossing. It is one of my favorite Harry Potters and it made me want to see it again and I now eagerly await for the final two.

3. Up - Grumpy old men apparently do not want to be alone when there’s a persistent young boy around. Pixar does it again with another film that reaches into the heart of the viewer and leads them to care and when the film is done the viewer is amazed at how moved they were by animation. It’s the magic of Pixar’s story telling.

4. District 9 - An alien film like no other (outside of the Star Trek, Babylon 5 and Battlestar Glactica realms) gracing the silver screen and giving people an ugly grasshopper/cricket mutated thing to fall and care for. Ingenuity of story telling and film making that should put most films released this summer to FREAKIN’ SHAME. Again proving that it is possible to make something unique and people WILL go and see it.

5. (500) Days of Summer – “This is not a love story” tagline sets up the entire movie so one understand that this isn’t the typical romance film. The uniqueness that it professed in the trailer was lived up to with the film itself. It delivered that and so much more.

6. The Hangover - This film had great display of trailer use and every trailer was funnier than the last and just as it lured people to the theater the film itself had scenes that were funnier and funnier as the film went on. It not only delivered laughs, it gave a breath of hope that there are people out there than CAN make great movies without millions and billions of dollars. This is something that Transformers people need to learn….NOW.

Surprises of Summer 2009
1. Away We Go - The main characters should have come to my house and be my friends. This film was amusing in a sad way because there are people that are mocked in this film that exist in real life and they have kids and those kids are no better for it. It looked like a small film, but for being a small film it had a big heart and a fantastic story to share.

2. (500) Days of Summer – Just a little film and then it hit the screen and it became so much more to so many people and it made the Summer that much better. There's no doubt it should be nominated for Best Picture.

3. G.I. Joe – Movies that normally refuse critics to see it before the ‘normal’ people end up being terrible. It is not a great acting movie as a whole. There are few bugs there with certain people that I do name, but what it was supposed to be with the action and the characters it delivered and that is why it scored at the Box Office. This is not why Transformers II scored…

4. Julie and Julia - It looked like just a film with some great actresses in it. It turned out to be a simple talking film that was more entertaining than robots in disguise. Who knew if you put Meryle Streep vs. Transformers the Transformers would cry all the way home…slipping and sliding on their own oil slick.

Ok Movie of Summer 2009, but could have been BETTER

1. X-Men Origins: Wolverine -- I did enjoy the film, but it could have been better. There was a lot of things that were altered and I did not understand why they did that, but there were a lot of things that stuck to the story line. The CGI worked well in many areas and there were some areas where it just didn’t hold up. They’ll get it right next time, hopefully. Now under Disney maybe Marvel will somehow get their movie rights back from those that are totally raping the characters...when you wish upon a star, I suppose.

Disappointing Movies of Summer 2009

1. Terminator Salvation – They revealed the entire movie in the trailer and then expected people to be shocked and awed? Seriously get better people to create trailers. Duh.

2. Transformers II – Scored because of name and previous movie and has showcased a crappy story, crappy directing and cruddy camera closeness of battles that was far more annoying than what they did in Daredevil. Cliched and so pretentious this film could have been fantastic, but decided to give the same as it did before and unfortunately it tricked so many idiots. Why do they keep making crap like this? Those that favorite this movie are the people one should blame.

3. Bruno – Penis and sex are as old as men and horny and it never becomes any funnier than it never was….ever. Devolving in comedy after Borat was so funny did not work…at all.

4. Ice Age 3 – Boring. The main characters---boring. The new character was not boring. The main characters have most of the screen time and therefore birthed most of the boring. Wit was nowhere, really, to be found.

5. Public Enemies – Great cast, terrible script and terrible allotment of time.

Worst movies of Summer 2009

1. The Land of the Lost – The land of the lost SCRIPT. What the hell was that and why the hell, when anyone read it ,did they agree to be a part of it? Gross.

2. Fast & Furious – This should have went straight to the dumpster totally bypassing the DVD rack and saving a bunch of unknowing victims from viewing this trash. Anyone liking this film is another reason why such trash makes it to the screen...but the tag line: New model Original Parts, is quite witty.

3. Transformers II – Rode the coattails of the first movie and proves that people are to blame for poor movie making because they promoted this one to the top grossing film of the year. Disgusting.

4. Public Enemies – Uh….terrible. Terrible. Terrible waste of time. The music, however, was great.

5. Bruno - With the penis as the star of this film it shouldn't be any surprised how much it sucked.

This idea was copied from The Movie Blog and normally I wouldn’t agree with the title, but this year I do. Yes there were some highlights, but over all Hollywood gave us crap and not just crap but the worst crap I’ve seen in a really long time. For the most part I agree with how his list went, but as we can see I had a few more to add because how can one not mention Harry Potter at all? That freakin’ movie rocked far more than Transformer’s sucked. Maybe.

**Sorry for mentioning Fast & Furious as a Summer Movie, but since it left such a terrible aftertaste it feels as if it was viewed during this terrible season for movies.

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