Weekend Box Office Recap

"Will it be good, or will it suck?"

This was the big question on everyone's minds about "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra." For one thing, the studios did a good job of stoking the pre-release fires with sneak peaks and trailer tidbits to the geek community, but then they didnt do an early screening for the press, which is usually a big flag that the studio isnt confident in their film and are afraid that advanced reviews will kill its opening numbers.

Early buzz (read: wild speculation from loud mouthed trolls in the movie message forums) was that the film was a dud. But then as John from the Movie Blog pointed out, a handful of influential online critics got a chance to to see the film at the last minute and they blogged that they loved it, which single-handedly seemed to change online opinion of the film almost overnight.

And then people started seeing it and reporting back that it was what we all feared. As a result, Rotton Tomatoes currently has it rated at only 39%. One of my friends described it as "Just like "Team America" but less funny and with real people instead of puppets." Of course, the argument is obvious: what do you expect from a movie based on a 40 year old plastic action figure?

But that hasnt stopped the juggernaut from dominating the weekend with its opening numbers. With no other action films in the theaters and with an underperforming "Funny People" from last week, the action flick blew out expectations by a mile. Paramount's scheme to hide it from critics seems to have been wildly successful. My guess is next week the film will tank hard once word of mouth gets around.

And speaking of tanking films... "Funny People" dropped 65% from its opening weekend numbers, bringing in an estimated $7.8 million in its second weekend at the box office. Has the shark finally been jumped with the creative team of Seth Rogan and Judd Apatow?

Here's the breakdown of the top ten for this weekend. And just for fun, I've included the original 1960's commercial for the original G.I. Joe action figure.

1 (new) G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra $56,200,000
2 (new) Julie & Julia $20,100,000
3 (3) G-Force $9,804,000
4 (2) Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince $8,880,000
5 (1) Funny People $7,865,920
6 (4) The Ugly Truth $7,000,000
7 (new) A Perfect Getaway $5,764,530
8 (5) Aliens in the Attic $4,000,000
9 (6) Orphan $3,730,000
10 (12) (500) Days of Summer $3,725,000

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