Valkerie Scribe to Pen Wolverine Sequel

"Valkerie" writer Christopher McQuarrie has signed on to write the script for the sequel to "X-Men origins: Wolverine."

Wait, isn't Wolverine a sequel to X-Men in the first place? So then technically McQuarrie is writing a sequel to a sequel? Dont you think we're getting a little out of control in the sequel department, fellas?

McQuarrie is also one of the co-writers on the original X-Men film, but pulled his name off the credits when the story didn't go the way he wanted. Perhaps McQuarrie has a grudge to settle with 20th Century Fox? This is also the guy that wrote "The Usual Suspects" so perhaps there is some serious good writing that is going to be pumped into this.

Then again, there are apparently Ninjas involved this time. According to THR, the film will follow a more comic book-like story:

The movie's story line will take its cue from the early 1980s Chris Claremont/Frank Miller miniseries, which is set in Japan and features Wolverine dealing with ninjas as he struggles whether to follow his animal killer instincts or the life under a samurai's code of honor and respect.

So the sequel of a sequel is going to have more back-story origin stuff? Didn't the last movie deal with the character's origin? Is it really important to show every little chapter of his mutant life? I mean, women think he's handsome and all, but do we really need to see more of Hugh Jackman grimmacing?

And maybe its just me, but whenever you throw ninjas into a movie, its campy, cheesball value increases 10-fold.

Expect fanboy hype and movie studio viral marketing to begin creeping into our mainstream consciousness soon.

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