“Shorts” Clean Fun

Genres: Action/Adventure and Kids/Family
Running Time: 1 hr. 29 min.
Release Date: August 21st, 2009 (wide)
MPAA Rating: PG for mild action and some rude humor.
Distributors: Warner Bros. Pictures Distribution

Directed by: Robert Rodriguez

JJ Rating: B

These kids find a rainbow colored rock and it gives them whatever they wish for in its own way. Just because you wish to be tall doesn’t mean you’ll be tall in the way you think. Shorts.
It is called Shorts because it is told in short installments and these installments are not told in order. There is even a short before the entire film starts about a staring contest. Funny thing about that is that that staring contest is a reoccurring theme throughout the film. Wherever you see those kids that’s probably what they’ll be doing: that staring contest.

It is a fun children’s movie. It’s not really great but it is good and it is entertaining. There are a few funny moments and there are great actors in this film (aside for the adults). Jimmy Bennett plays one of the main characters. He’s also in Star Trek as the young Kirk. He showed how he could be cool in that film within a short period of time. In Shorts he shows how he can be a geek and dork in a span of an hour and half. I believe that he has a lot to offer. There is a lot of over exaggeration in this film and it is necessary because it’s a kid film and that is what it needs to show some of the humor and Bennett does it so well. He is a young star to keep an eye on if you are looking for people that are going to break out and amaze. He’s already amazed me here, I’ll just be waiting to see him later on to show how right I am. The other amazing talent is Jolie Vanier who plays the female bully and daughter to Mr. Black. She has a vicious looking scowl and a nasty little kiddy temper with demands that center around shoving people into trash cans. She also talented with acting skills and she is someone to watch for as well. She reminded me a lot of Wednesday from “The Adam‘s Family”.

When they wished it did not necessarily give them exactly what they wished for. Sometimes it gave them what they wished for in a literal sense instead of in the sense that they had asked for. Such as telling someone to grow up. Instead of actually maturing like the comment would suggest, the person starts to actually grow taller. The key phrase, however, is “I wish” otherwise the rock will not work.

It is a pretty decent children’s film. I would watch it with kids, if I had any or my younger cousins. It’s not annoying at all to sit through and it has good humor in it. The problem that there is with Shorts is the same problem I had with the other two movies and that is how it has down moments. The story is short at only an hour and half, but the slow moments really drag and it makes the film feel like it’s taking longer than it really is.

When the story starts to come to an end and things are all going out of whack the explanations by the adults as to what is going on is a bit weird and it didn’t really help make the movie better. Sometimes I hate how the children get the better lines in these films than the adults. I understand what kind of film it is, but it’s just boring to give the kids all the fun lines when you have adult characters partaking in the action.

Shorts is ok good. It has its moments and it has it’s bad times. But if you are looking for a good children’s movie that will also entertain you in some form, then it will not be a disappointment. It’s clean fun for the entire family and it’s getting difficult to find such no days, so it’s good that it is at a theater near you.

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