“Paper Heart” Love Lost & Found

Genres: Comedy and Drama
Running Time: 1 hr. 28 min.
Release Date: August 7th, 2009 (limited)
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for strong language.
Distributors: Overture Films

Directed by: Nicholas Jasenovec

JJ Rating: B +

Charlyne Yi (herself) is the main focus of a documentary about love. She doesn’t believe in it. Then she meets Michael Cera (himself) and she still doesn’t believe in love. He likes her. She tolerates him. Then she starts to like him. She doesn’t know what she feels. She speaks to lots of couples and single persons and asks them what they think of love and then says that she doesn‘t know what love is even though she soon becomes totally infatuated with Cera. Paper Heart.

In the film there are a few a stories of how people met and sometimes when telling these stories there is a sort of puppet flashback that shows a very simple reenactment of those events and it’s so adorable. These little paper people doing what the narrator of the story dictates. I really liked that part because it was really creative and unique.

There are a lot of awesome stories that were told in this film to prove love. There is also a lot of thoughts shared that are very interesting in these couple’s perspectives. Yi was sweet and charming in her questions and was not at all as obnoxious as some people that do not believe in love can be. Cera seems to some that he acts the same in every movie. The thing is, though, that it works. He has such a way of acting that it appeals to many people and even though he seems to be the same person he still acts well. Plus he’s a character that I’d be friends with.

Now days people still have this attachment to reality TV. The camera follows Yi and Cera a lot so Paper Heart shows how a couple could become frustrated with constant cameras imposing on their life. It also shows a weird type of heart for a film. It seemed to beg me to like it and even if I started to feel like I didn’t it would look me in the eyes and say, “You know you like me.” Then I shrug and nod and state I do. It’s really one of the quirky films of 2009. It is not as good as (500) Days of Summer, but it is good.

My favorite parts were, of course, all the flashbacks with the paper puppets and the children. I really liked when she asked the children what they thought of love. I really liked how they reacted when they heard that she liked someone. It was also interesting that one of the children was being oddly profound. I have found that sometimes (like one of the characters in (500) Days of Summer) children can state profound things that just put you to shame when you hear it and then you register that the child is so young to be so astute. Why didn’t you think of that? Ha.

Paper Heart is more like a low B+. It’s almost just a B but it had great moments that out numbered the bad moments. It’s not in the higher level because there were lull moments. Watching the film did make me think about what I thought of love. So it got me thinking and any movie that does that is a good movie. I am glad that I’m not like her and more like him. It’s a good thing my heart isn’t as fragile and frail like a sheet of paper. It’s more awesome, shinny and cool like a ruby.

Paper Heart is a film that is a Love Lost & Found. There are many couples that went through bad relationships before they found the one they were then with for a really long time. They had a serious of loss before they found love. Yi went through most of the movie lost because she had no idea what love was and if she was even capable of feeling it. She talked to experts about what love was just to see if she was actually missing a piece of her that would allow her to fall in love. I think that’s how everyone is in this world. They tend to be lost and assume that they can’t feel love or ever find it and then when they least expect it love finds them. The trick is to pay attention enough to realize when that happens so that you can hold on to it and be in the Found stage. It is awesome to be one of the people that understands how great love is because as one of the people stated in the film, everything just looks different when you’re in love. It looks more joyful and that is the way people should see life, because when you find love you don’t ever want to lose it and see life the way you did when you were single.

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