Facebook Movie Gets a Green Light

"The Social Network" - A new film about the phenomenon of Facebook - has been officially greenlit by Columbia pictures and will begin shooting sometime this year.

The film is written by "West Wing's" Aaron Sorkin, with "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" director David Fincher tapped to direct.

For those living in a bubble or still have dial-up connections to the internet (hi Mom), Facebook was started by Mark Zuckerberg and his roommates when they were at Harvard University in 2004. Originally started as a prank, it quickly developed into a way to communicate and stay connected to people. It is currently the most popular social networking website on the internet, with daily activity of over 200 million users and a annual revenue of about $300 million.

Carson Reeves, owner of the site "Scriptshadow" did a review of an early version of the script and thought it was impressive. He comes up with a description of the movie that could easily be used as an elevator pitch for the flick:

"Imagine going from nothing to a billionaire in less than a year. How do you even grasp that kind of success? How do you live a normal life? How do you address the constant lawsuits that eat into your everyday existence? And how do you do this at 22 years old?"

For more information on the rise of Facebook, check out Rolling Stone's interesting, albeit long-winded (6,000 word) article from last year.

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thomas jones said...

This will be a very interesting movie that will keep me interested from the very beginning..

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