“The Ugly Truth” is It was Misogynisticly Alright

Genres: Comedy, Drama and Romance
Running Time: 1 hr. 35 min.
Release Date: July 24th, 2009 (wide)
MPAA Rating: R for sexual content and language.
Distributors: Sony Pictures Releasing

Directed by: Robert Luketic

JJ Rating: B

Abby Richter (Katherine Heigl) is an award winning producer of a morning news show, but the ratings are slipping and they have to do something to boost them back to a more respectable count. Enter Mike Alexander (Gerard Butler) who is the crass talk show host on a cable access channel that busts the female bubble of that ideal male. When he joins the morning news show, things start to get heated for many reasons including sexual. The Ugly Truth.

It is an uncouth movie that I just think was alright funny. It had some outrageous moments that had me really laughing loudly, but over all it was far too simple for my taste. I had an enjoyable time and both Heigl and Butler are fantastic. I dislike her as a person because I think she’s totally an unwarranted pain as an oversensitive human, but her acting is noticeably great. Was it not she who complained about Judd Apatow’s Knocked Up being “sexist”? I think so and I was not the only one that found her comments hypocritical more so after seeing this movie. That was running through my head while I was watching this movie. She wants to paint an awesome picture about women but instead she painted the same picture she said was ugly before. Ironic? Not like a knife when all you want is a spoon…or was it spoon for knife? Does it matter? No. Anyway…I enjoy her acting just like I think Tom Cruise is a retarded human being, but he is an awesome actor. Separating the two is fairly easy for me. Someone is good at something then you might as well appreciate them for that than being pissed at them for what you don’t like.

The Ugly Truth had other good actors like Cheryl Hines as Georgia and her on screen husband Kevin Connolly as Jim. They were the characters that have a small role but are comedic because of how they deliver their lines as well as their facial expressions and gesturers with such punch that one cannot help but to laugh.

Of course the two scenes that are laugh out loud funny have to be boorishly sexual in nature. They were uniquely funny in that not really many movies touch upon either them of those topics in such a manner. If the rest of the film was done like that, then it would have been a really great film, but it was not done like that and therefore the film is just average good. It was, however, well worth seeing. I do not believe that it was as terrible as some critics are making it out to be. I sometimes wonder if they ever leave their house to see movies when they decide which ones are terrible. There are far worse movies out there like Transformers II, Public Enemies and Ice Age 2 to name a few. This has been the season for massive disappointment with awesome talent. Just goes to show that there are not guarantees even with a big name like Johnny Depp in the credits.

There is no real wit in The Ugly Truth like there is in (500) Days of Summer. It’s one dirty joke after another that were strung into a cohesive story that seems somewhat believable and translates into something that is somewhat entertaining. There are times when it is interestingly profound, yet those moments are small but good. One of those is the reveal where intentions are shown. It gave a good perspective of how great it is to be oneself and have someone love you for it.

The Ugly Truth should be seen with the idea that it is entertaining and funny in a crass manner and not a regular romantic comedy. Many romantic comedies are cheesy and funny. This one is crass and funny with the sprinkle of misogamy and female fantasy of what a male should be like. It’s like being mean to someone you really like and them figuring it out and returning the favor. There is no real depth.

At the end when the credits roll they play the same song (“Right Round” by Flo Rida) that is at the end of The Hangover and that’s funny. The same obscene aim for humor, but for some good reason The Hangover is more highbrow even though it’s just as vulgar and immature; it seems, as The Ugly Truth. I guess the major difference would be that it did so without making it look like it was trying too hard. I was far more pleased than what the critics were whining about on Rotten Tomatoes. They made it seem like this was a terrible movie and it is not. See it and be entertained by vulgar humor that is as mature as little boys when they see someone’s dirty toys or it’s just misogynisticly alright even for hypocritical Heigl.


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