Casting Changes for Twilight Sequel

Looks Like Rachelle Lefevre will not be returning as the character Victoria in the third Twilight film "Eclipse" due to the ubiquitous reason of "scheduling conflicts."

Bryce Dallas Howard (Director Ron Howard's Duaghter) is now slated to replace her.

Do you care? Does anyone?

Ropes of Silicon has the skinny.


meredith said...

Um, yes people care! Do you not realize that this movie is going to boost and make Bryce Howard's career that M. Night killed? Yeah, every single person in this franchise no matter how small the part is a freaking household name now. New Moon hasn't even come out yet, but people are still going crazy over Jamie Campbell Bower who really is only known for Sweeney Todd. As a fan, I will say that I'm not upset. Bryce is a better actor.

The Judge said...

I always get suspicious when they site "scheduling conflicts" as the reason.

There's no doubt that no matter how much I roll my eyes at this franchise, its still going to make a lot of money on a very small budget, which looks really good for studios. Perhaps this will spawn studios to look outside of the comic book adaptation box for new material.

meredith said...

Oooh, did you see her access hollywood statement? Looks like they were just trying to find a reason to get rid of her. And don't roll your eyes! You know you love you some sparklie vamps. That's just how you roll.

J_Jammer said...


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