Get a Glimpse at Barrymore's "Whip It"

USA Today has posted a new picture of Drew Barrymore's new film "Whip It" which is set to open October 9th. This is Barrymore's directorial debut and is the story of one girls discovery of a roller derby league in Austin.
Ellen Page [stars] as a rebellious teenager who signs up to play the brutal and sexy female sport against her mother's will, finding friendship and freedom among the bruises and falls.
I'm a big fan of roller derby. I grew up watching the LA T-Birds go round and round in the early days before professional wrestling stole all the limelight. Roller Derby has always been around, trying to claw itself out of the underground for a while. Its nice to see it finally becoming more mainstream. I'm glad Drew decided to get behind this story. Let's hope she does it justice.

And if you've never been to a roller derby match before, you are missing out on a lot of fun.

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