The Worst Thing on TV: "I'm A Celebrity Get Me out Of Here!"

Call it morbid curiosity, train wreck entertainment, whatever, but I decided to try to watch the NBC show "Im a Celebrity: Get Me Out of Here."

"It's the ultimate "Swiss Family Robinson," says the NBC site.

Long story short, I feel like suing NBC for the those minutes of my life that I wasted watching this worthless turd of a television program.

Take the worst parts of "Survivor" and "Fear Factor," add sub z-list celebrities and throw them in the jungle (with studio lighting and robotic cameras, of course) and see what happens when they start realizing that they are hundreds of miles from the nearest room service menu.

The result is completely un-watchable.

The show has contestants that can just barely meet the textbook definition of the word celebrity: OK, you have Stephen Baldwin and Lou Diamond Phillips and Janice Dickenson - all rather well known celebs in their own right ... but then you have Sanjaya (yeah, him) and John Sally and two crybaby brats from some stupid show on MTV and the wife of disgraced Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and a former WWE Diva, who the hell cares. Its utter crap.

"This has got to be the worst thing I have ever seen on television. I mean really? I honestly am in utter shock at how bad things have gotten," said one member of NBC's message board (they have a whole section dedicated to "negative opinions" of the show)

"Thank god for 30 Rock or I don't think I would ever watch NBC again."

This is the kind of show that gets pitched by some wanna-be newcomer producer to a Jr. executive on the bottom rung of the NBC corporate ladder. And yet by some strange gonzo twist of events, the show has actually made it to air.

And yet, NBC wonders why their ratings and ad revenue continues to drop.

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