Will Big Robots Trounce the Guy in the Bat Suit?

The site Hitfix.com says that according to the "industry polling" data they have received, "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" "is on track to challenge "The Dark Knight's" 5-day record of $203 million last summer. "

Oh really? No one has seen anything more than the trailer and yet there is "industry polling" that suggests it will give The Dark Knight a run for the money?

I call bullshit. This smells like pre-release marketing trying to inject some hype into the flick.

Based solely on the trailer below, do you think this Transformers Sequel is going to be better than Dark Knight? Can a boat-load of CGI and Michael "big boom" Bay's typical over-the-top explosions and melodrama replace the jaw-dropping acting talent of the late Heath Ledger?

Let me know what you think:

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