WHiWA borrows Last.fm's Scrobble for Movies

I am a HUGE fan of www.lastfm.com . Now I’ve been told about www.WHiWA.net and I’ve read an article on it (exciting) and poked around the site. Just like when a new TV show arrives and the actors get settled into their characters; it takes them about a year or so to totally become the character with the look. That is similar to a new website [except, of course, our blog because it’s been the victim of douchebaggary].

I believe the idea to scrobble (keep track of what you listen to for Lastfm and what you watch for whiwa.net) your viewing habits is pretty neat. I’m sure they’ll be a porn one soon enough, or maybe there already is. The look, however, is bleh. They are probably working on making it more user friendly (as I can tell by the blog entries on the website) and to create a look that will be synonymous with their website name. [Such as the cool MediaMorgue with the toe tag. Stupid bastard.] Once they get that straightened out then they should have themselves an AWESOME website. Right now it’s nifty instead of useful.

BUT useful it can be. I know that’s Yoda-ish but get over it. If the ratings system could adapt itself to something similar to this website and the scrobbling idea, then I think the networks would be surprised to know how many people ACTUALLY watch their stuff, instead of the assumption created by how they do ratings now. Too many great shows get canceled because of this horrible way of keeping track of who watches what. It, at this point, could be cheated in how someone scrobbles something, but I’m sure that too will be worked out eventually.

People are interested in people’s choices whether it is music (www.lastfm.com) or film/TV (www.WHiWA.net). Networks, Cable Channels and Studios are interested in how many are viewing their works. Once What I Watch (aka www.whiwa.net) has found its spot on the internet and made its name known it’ll be technology that will catch the eyes of Hollywood and be put to good use, maybe. The music industry is finally taking a little notice of Last Fm with concert info as well other things, but not nearly as much attention as is given as is given to MySpace.

Use the website and find people that have similar taste to you and have an internet pal you can chat up about what’s going on in the series or a movie. Like those movies your friends roll their eyes at because they think that the movie is too geek, too crass, too bloody; but if you look online you’re bound to find someone that agrees with you on how awesome a show or movie is. That’s what makes www.WHiWA.net cool. It’s the next step in view history.

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