“The Proposal” I’m Amused Just Thinking About It

Genres: Comedy and Kids/Family

Running Time: 1 hr. 48 min.

Release Date: June 19th, 2009 (wide)

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for sexual content, nudity and language.

Distributors: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Directed by: Anne Fletcher

JJ Rating: A

Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) is a book editor. Margaret Tate is a vicious woman as most women in power seem to be. She is feared in her office. She rides a broom stick…well not really. Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds) is her assistant who fires off warnings of her whereabouts to everyone in the office. She is called into her boss’s office and was told she was being deported back to Canada. In an act of desperation she said that she and Andrew were getting married…and so the story escalates in humor with meeting the parents and faking an engagement. The Proposal.

I was not aware of the time while I was watching The Proposal as I normally would because my rule is that comedies should not be longer than an hour and half, but with all rules there are a few exceptions; very few. It’s rare that I would find a comedy amusing and get lost in how long it is taking for it to be over. It has happened with this film as it did with The Hangover.

The humor is great. With The Hangover being mainly for guys (and yes some girls enjoy it) there had to be a comedy that would be more for girls (that some guys like, of course—Sandra Bullock is still as hot as ever) and what better than it being The Proposal with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds? Bullock is a woman’s woman and Reynolds is the new hot guy. We all know how simple women are with these kinds of things. Ha. Back to the humor, the trailers were funny and if they didn’t amuse you then it’s a safe bet that the film will not either. Not only were the trailer bits funny, again, in the film they didn’t show everything and therefore there was more humor to enjoy.

Reynolds has great physical comedy in him with facial expressions that just say a ton of words without uttering a single line and so does Bullock. So the pair of them create great scenes together and still command the scene when they are alone with the supporting cast. No one stole the spotlight from either of them. That is saying something when there’s Mary Steenburgen (Grace Paxton) and Betty White (Grandma Annie) are in the film and both good at comedic performances; although more of the comedic might was given to Betty White and her aloof grandma character. She was seemingly aloof, that adds to the greatness of one of the end scenes.

Going from New York to Alaska is entertaining. Margret having transition issues about where she is and what they don’t have is a small bit of the humor. It’s not explored a whole lot, but the scenes that deal with it are funny. And just like in any small town there are lots of jobs with a small population and sometimes people do more than one; so there’s a bit of humor with frequency of a single person.

I sit here and think about The Proposal and I laugh, just like when I sit and think about The Hangover and I am still amused. It’s a funny movie because of awkward situations and sarcastic reactions. There is even a bit of heart in the mix. Bullock and Reynolds have great chemistry, great comedic timing and they are great together. Bullock plays a mean, domineering boss who lords over people because she doesn’t want to appear weak. Even so it was difficult to accept her as such because she has such a charm about her when she speaks, but that oddly worked with the brutal meanness of her character. Reynolds is just great at playing embarrassingly weak men who are being controlled. He has that speak under your breath like a teenager talking but only loud enough to be heard that something was said, but not understood thing going on - which makes him funny. If one even gets what I’m talking about that will be almost a first.

The Proposal is a good fun film. I don’t understand what people expect out of romantic comedies. The simple answer, I can just hear, is: We want funny. Wow that’s really NOT helpful. It’s like they expect Oscar greatness out of them or massive amounts of drama. It’s a comedy. It’s summer. It’s suppose to be funny and fun, unless you’re cynical or on your period I don’t see how this couldn’t be both enough to make it enjoyable movie to see. Not that one has to love it, but certainly it makes no sense to totally dislike it other than for the two reasons I mentioned.

The Proposal is just a good natured romantic comedy that entertains. If the trailer failed to do that for you, you know make you laugh, then it’s a good bet that you will not laugh during the entire film. If you enjoy Bullock and Reynolds as actors then you’ll really like how well they fit together in the film. Come on if you didn’t laugh when Bullock says, “Ala-a-aska” as one of her answers she tries to say at the same time as Reynolds, then this is NOT a film you should see. Haha. Sorry, I was thinking about the movie and being amused…again.

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