Welcome to Twitterverse, Keep it Short and Sweet


Twitter. Tweet. Twitted. Tweeting. There are so many retarded words for a website that just deals in micro-blogging or just spastic thoughts of famous and not so famous persons. But if Big Business stays out of the way and keeps, well, at bay then it can be useful to them without them getting totally involved. They have what is called Trending Topics. Topics that are being talked about frequently enough will show up. Right now the topics are Star Trek, Adam Lambert, Kris Allen, Danny Gokey, Charles Barkley, American Idol and Chuck.

Before I knew who was going home on American Idol (Danny) I looked at several websites to give me a good idea. I use, of course, DialIdol and Last.Fm, but with Twitter I noticed how much Kris and Adam were being talked about and that made me feel a little better about who was going home and who was staying. Also Paramount should be pleased, as well as J.J. Abrams, that Star Trek is still a major topic on Twitter almost an entire week since it opened.

Twitter is able to give a glimpse into what people are talking about at the moment and help those who are Big Business to get a feel for what is popular at any given second. The more people that join, the more of a glimpse it’ll give.

You might be one of those people that don’t know what it is or refuses to get a Twitter to fall into line with so many people that have one and that is your right, but everyone has weird small thoughts they have nowhere to place them, and what better place to have them than on a place called Twitter? That’s right you can’t think of one. Plus you get to see some of your favorite famous persons give their own witty musings on Twitter or hear news from CNN. YAY.

So join the Twitter army and micro-blog about how just this morning in the restroom a little peepee got on your khakis or how that nasty coworker of yours spits as he talks and it landed in your perfect mixture of sugar and cream coffee, or how your mom just woke you up at noon and you had a late night and you just rolled over in your bed and went back to sleep…after, that is, you tweeted about it. (I hate that word)

BIG BUSINESS leave Twitter alone. You hear me? No you don’t. Not from this small awesome blog here in the massive internet. Well you should use that Superman sense of hearing and listen. Stay out of Twitter. Use it to browse, don’t use it to tweet (I really hate that word) your business musings about how your prices are so great and not because little children have bloody hands after creating that there Ford. Look, but don’t join. Thanks from all those that love Twitter but don’t love Big Business and their greedy, smelly selves. Though we do love to go wondering in a 24-hour Wal-Mart, don’t get us wrong we needed that Monster for that late game play on Xbox 360. Couldn’t let that stupid 12 year old beat us at Halo again, hells no.

Anyway Twitter is a great place to drop people a line and pick up a line from a famous person as if they are texting you their business like a good friend would. However, as of right now Twitter is in love with American Idol and Star Trek. A match that can only be made in this Twiterverse. Live long and sing!

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