Last.Fm Standings for May 20: FINAL TWO

Last FM Standings


Adam Lambert --- 383,508 plays + 145,631(6,719 listeners) + 637

Average plays: 57 per listener

The songs he sung were “One” – U2 & “Cryin’” – Aerosmith

His top 5 songs since last week:

1. Mad World – 950 Plays

2. One – 628

3. Cryin’ – 525

4. Whole Lotta Love – 496

5. Feeling Good - 491


Kris Allen --- 203,060 plays + 64,528 (4,915 listeners) + 1,537

Average plays: 41 per listener.

The songs he sung were “Heartless” – Kanye West & “Apologize” – OneRepublic

His top 5 songs since last week:

1. Heartless – 1,221 Plays

2. Apologize – 768

3. Heartless (American Idol Studio Version) – 632

4. Falling Slowly – 556

5. Ain’t No Sunshine – 463

First time all season that Kris Allen has more plays in a single week than Adam Lambert. Adam jumped significantly higher in total plays as well as the average among listeners is pretty high. His two songs from last week were not as well received as Kris Allen's. Also Kris picked up more listeners than he had last week.

Last night's show was ok-good. I liked Kris Allen's second song and how he did his first song but the last song was bleh. I swear to God they should just higher amateurs to create the song. The lyrics and the arrangement and then allow the contestants to alter the arangment as they see fit. That last song seemed way too ridged.

DialIdol predicts Kris Allen to win by a small margin. But they have a poll and Adam Lambert is winnging with 53% stating he should take it all. The graphs, on the other hand, dictating how many votes went where Kris won. Then again they show a map with who won what state and if that was done like a US Presidential election Adam Lambert would win with 100 more electoral votes than Kris.

Tongiht is the night. 7pm Central time is when the big shabang starts. I think, as I said before, they both have won but so much is put on Adam that it seems that if Kris wins it's a let down and that, again, is totally unfair and retarded.

I'll miss the show. *sniffles* But "So you think you can dance?" starts. Yay.

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