Last.Fm Standings for May 13 the Final THREE



1.Adam Lambert --- 237,877 plays + 87,810(6,082 listeners) + 483

The song he sang was “Who Lotta Love” – Led Zeppelin

His top three songs since last week:

1. Mad World – 872 Plays

2. Feeling Good – 502

3. Ring of Fire – 443

4. Whole Lotta Love – 430

5. If I Can’t Have You - 368


2.Kris Allen --- 138,532 plays + 19,962 (3,378 listeners) + 1,052

The song he sang was “Come Together” – The Beatles

His top three songs since last week:

1. Falling Slowly – 391 Plays

2. Ain’t No Sunshine – 367

3. Come Together – 332

4. She Works Hard for the Money – 281

5. Falling Slowly (American Idol Studio Version) - 254


4.Danny Gokey --- 42,757 plays + 4,937 (2,127 listeners) + 473

The song he sang was “Dream On” – Aerosmith.

His top three songs since last week:

1. Dream On – 151 plays

2. What Hurts the Most – 145

3. Come Rain or Come Shine – 124

4. September – 100

5. Get Ready - 84

Adam has the biggest jump in plays. Kris has the biggest jump in listeners. Danny has nothing more than he had the last go around, barely. According to DialIdol there is a very small amount of room between the three. The graphs, though, seem to suggest that Danny is going home. But nothing is for sure until Ryan reads the results. I would rather it be Kris vs. Adam because they are so different than one another that the finally will actually give something for all to enjoy, for the most part.

I am a Kris Allen fan, that's for sure. Last night he did such a great job with "Heartless". We'll see where this goes. I wouldn't have went to sleep if I were one of the three. I have too much excitement for tonight and I'm not even in the show.

On an obnoxious note: Votefortheworst is as useful as Annie (from this seasons Apprentice) is as a human.

I'm sick of hearing people state that Danny Goeky is smug. His smile is not showing any teeth. It just gives off that impression. That's why showing your teeth is important and show those pearly whites or brown teeth due to coffee and nicotine. It's like one rumor starts and then everyone picks up on it as a fact to argue with. Tisk, tisk people of the Internet world.

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