Kradam - Adam Fans Need a Shot of Manners

Background on Kradam. It's a combination of Kris and Adam.

WWAD. (What Would Adam Do)

What did Adam do when the winner of American Idol was announced by Ryan Seacrest? He instantly congratulated Kris Allen who was reeling from shock.

What do Adam Fans do on and They state things like, “He was robbed”, “Adam is MY American Idol”, let’s not forget the hate “Kris can’t sing or entertain” and “Homophobic people made Kris win”. Could they not take a page out of Adam Lambert’s congenial book of goodness and congratulate Kris for his win…for being the one America (as a majority) liked? Yes they could, but why can they not?

They have anger like someone pissed in their cereal and farted in their oxygen tank. They’re even stating things like “Adam is better than American Idol”, “Now he doesn’t have to be their puppet” and “He’ll sell more albums.” What? He is better than American Idol? Oh you mean the show that made you realize he existed. That show that gave you performances of “Mad World” that melted hearts, tickled ears and skyrocketed plays on Did these complainers and unappreciative fans know Adam Lambert before American Idol? No. So their comments of puppets and better thans are nothing but bitter words for people that thought they were right in their opinion without flaw.

Kris Allen fans had to hear how great Adam was and is every single show. Not a single critique that was along the lines of what Kris had to hear sometimes. That just told Adam that he didn’t have to try harder and that doesn’t mean he didn’t try harder. He did put forth a lot of effort, but Kris was put on the judge’s grill and he flipped and moved and sung his way to the final by changing and altering and improving himself only to be better than when he started. Adam was consistently good and that could be one of his problems, he did not seemingly grow. Add that to the main compliant, which was him screaming unnecessarily, they could have held him back from getting more votes.

Adam Lambert is fantastic and everything that many people would want in a person who was part of a band like Queen. Kris Allen is amazing and everything people would want in a man on a stage with just a guitar. Adam could front for Queen and that would just be a match made in heaven and Kris could go the John Mayer/Jack Johnson route and be a heartbreaker left and right. They both are so different from one another stating one is better than the other without stating you are bias is just a waste of breath and type.

Had Adam won...Adam fans would be like "I told you so", but since he didn't they'll take the more cynical and hateful route and pretend they are being truthful. Either they'll state that homophobic people voted for Kris to win so Adam wouldn't or that Kris can't sing. Both are in the category of poor sportsmanship (also poor phrasing for lack of a better word) because they did not and have not shown such appreciation for Kris’s actual win. WWAD? Show appreciation.


38 MILLION votes came from Arkansas alone for Kris Allen.

Arkansas Population: 2,855,390

Remember Arkansas is a State....

Population of San Diego, California (a city): 3,001,072

That's about 145,000 more people.

San Diego did not make the news with votes for Adam Lambert like Arkansas did with their votes for Kris Allen. Now not all of the population of Arkansas voted because some are babies, some are in the hospital, some are old, some don't care, some voted for Adam Lambert, some probably don't even know what American Idol is because they live so far in the boonies that they don't even know that there's computers. That probably would leave about 2.1 million people voting. Or even less.

The entire State (majority) voted for Kris Allen.

The Enter State of California could care less about Adam Lambert.

If one is to want to win American Idol do not hail from California. This is the second American Idol (Kathrein McPhee ) who has lost in the final two that came from California.

Kris and Adam are friends and they look like they are good friends based on interviews and pictures. Kris is humble and talented musician. Adam has a flare for the dramatic and the entertaining. Adam is also a talker while Kris is a bit silent. Adam Lambert is a great person and to prove how great he is I give you the following:

“Blogs have a lot of opinions, don’t they? I think that Kris won because he’s a great artist and I was happy to be a runner-up to that,” he said, adding that he and Allen had found a lot of common ground despite their very different backgrounds and styles.

“If there’s anything that can come from this experience, and I hope that all the fans out there can pick up on, is that even if you’re really different there’s a way to get along with each other,” Lambert said. “And it’s not about ‘Oh, you beat me because of this,’ or ‘You, you’re different.’ It’s about finding the common stuff that makes it work.”

The Article that above quote hails from.

So all you Adam Lambert fans when you feel frustrated that he did not win American Idol and you come up with a pitiful excuse for why Kris won outside of him being talented then you need to say WWAD? Because he would not say 95% of the comments that Lambert fans are saying online. From his actions on the show to interviews to those comments right above, he shows that he sees greatness in Kris and he appreciates that and the least anyone can do is give Kris this moment because he rightfully deserves it no matter what cynical little whiners say.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I hope you realize your facts are wrong. Also, don't make assumptions or generalizations. I'm very happy Kris won AI. He's amazing! I'm an Adam fan and can tell you from first hand that Adam fans are apathetic. They don't care about at&t scandal or that Adam didn't win AI. Adam fans have been just as gracious as Kris fans and rarely have I seen any Kris bashing. Granted there were some frusrated people the night of the results. Most Adam fans are focused on Adam's future career and are not dwelling on AI.

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