In the Works: Dr. Who to the Big Screen

Could a Dr. Who movie be in the works?


Colin from Get the Big Picture has the news:

The BBC (via Filmonic) reports that, "Tennant will firstly appear in three
[Dr. Who] specials, starting with The Waters of Mars in November. Meanwhile,
Doctor Who may be heading for the big screen after a spokeswoman for BBC Films
confirmed that “a script in in development”.

Now, a script in development is a long LONG way from the big screen, but its good news for fans of the good Doctor. I enjoyed the show a lot when I was a kid, back when Tom Baker was galavanting about the universe in the iconic police box. With Mr Tennant, the doctor has a lot more charm. More of that British smarminess that people seem to like.

As long as they include the theme song, I'll be happy.

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J_Jammer said...

I netflixed the new seasons and watched all four within a month. I was addicted....highly. It started off rocky and I did not know I was going to fall in love so hard....that I dressed up in a suit and put on red shoes when I went to a wedding. Had to. I have to wait for season five...not out until 2010.

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