Glambert Fans Need to Appreciate Kris Allen

There are certain Adam Lambert fans that are getting on my nerves. They are the ones that praise him up and down and totally ignore the fact that he screams. They also think that anyone who believes he can’t sing are the people that have horrible ears. They cannot and will not be wrong.

Therefore they believe that he has already won. They will vote for him hardcore, but they trash talk as well stating how Kris Allen cannot sing and will not have a strong career like Adam. These same people fail to realize that Kris can write songs and play several instruments. They totally ignore that and don’t even mention it as a negative for Adam because why? He’s the Obama of American Idol 2009.

Adam has nothing wrong with him that I can see. I like him. I think he is pleasant and humble within all this praise and mainly because he knows there’s just as much hate (and unrightfully so…he did not hype himself up). My preference is Kris Allen because I can’t stand that Adam screams at certain points in his singing. This does not mean I think Kris can out sing him because Adam does things that Kris knows are fantastic, but even so that doesn’t mean Adam is better. This isn’t about better, this is about preference and this isn’t about Adam trash talking this is about his fans being total butts about the closeness.

ONE MILLION votes separated, last week, the number one person and the number two person. That means that between Kris and Adam there were a million votes. That is very close in who was the highest vote getter. That is not something that an Adam fan would expect and certainly something that a Kris fan would expect. Kris was the, and still is, the Dark Horse in the competition. He is good but no one expected him to last this long, not even himself.

The finale tonight will be a battle between the two best in the season. They are going to give it their all and whoever gets the most votes will be crowned this year’s American Idol. They each have their fan base that will vote for them no matter what. What they are fighting for tonight is those who are floaters who may or may not vote at all. And if they do vote they are giving their votes to he that moves them to want to vote, and so it comes down to performance.

The problem comes in when Adam wins or loses. If Adam wins the Adam Fans (Or Glambret fans) will scream and yell and shout they told everyone so. If he loses they will pout and say that it was the church goers that didn’t want him to win because he’s gay and OMG they so hate gay people and are so stupid for not being able to hear his greatness despite the sexuality that looms over him like a black cloud of death. In either situation Kris will not get the rightful praise he deserves for getting where he is and will be. They will not give it to him. They will take it away and blame instead. People have said that he didn’t get there because he can sing and is only there because of his good looks. Adam is good looking too but no one says that about him it’s about his voice. It’s so unfair to both Kris and Adam.

They are both talented individuals and they both deserve praise for how awesome they are. They outlasted so many people from the auditions to the cuts in Hollywood to the votes by America to put them in the Top 13 and lasting week after week because of their song choices and how well they sang. They are different and what better to have in a finale than two competitors who are opposites in how they perform and sing. This will make for one well rounded show for all to enjoy for different reasons.

They have, in a way, both won this year (just like last year with the Davids). It is not necessary to bash either for the other’s success. Preference is just that, what one prefers not what is greater than the other. I am going to be voting for Kris tonight because I know he will not disappoint me in what he has to offer. Adam is good as well but I have only liked a handful of his song compared to liking every single song by Kris but one (Michael Jackson night). I just hope that those rude and crass Adam fans have enough fortitude and appreciation to give Kris his accommodations should he win, because he will win not because of Vote for the Worst picking him (they don’t have a worse and therefore have to stretch out their justification for who they picked this and every week for a long while) or because of hate for Adam Lambert, but because people honestly think he’s a great singer and someone they would enjoy in concert.

GO KRIS ALLEN…and your John Mayer facial expressions.

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