Weekend Box Office Recap

Disney's formula film suckered enough audiences into making it the number one flick in a fairly soft holiday weekend.

Thanks, America. Because of you going to the theater to see this lame excuse for a movie, we can all be tortured with a sequel announcement any time now.

Meanwhile "Fast & Furious" rocketed into the guardrail and dropped almost 60% to barely hang on to second place.

Seth Rogan's "Observe and Report" opened in 4th place and "Dragonball Evolution" tanked as expected on soft critical review (Rotten Tomatoes lists it at 16%!)

Here's the top ten from this weekend:

1 (new) Hannah Montana the Movie $34,000,000
2 (1) Fast & Furious $28,782,880
3 (2) Monsters vs. Aliens $22,617,000
4 (new) Observe and Report $11,140,000
5 (4) Knowing $6,670,000
6 (5) I Love You, Man $6,412,000
7 (3) The Haunting in Connecticut $5,710,000
8 (new) Dragonball Evolution $4,650,000
9 (6) Adventureland $3,433,000
10 (7) Duplicity $2,996,625

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