Weekend Box Office Re-Cap

Has the new Fast and the Furious film redeemed the truly god-awfulness of the previous sequel in the franchise?

I dont know, but a whole crap-load of people sure flocked to the theaters to find out.

Universal's action flick exploded out of the gate this weekend, clearing $72 million in its opening bow and breaking a record for the biggest opening weekend in the month of April. Not to mention Universal's biggest non-holiday opening film ever.

I didnt see that coming at all. I mean it was cool to see that they returned to what put them originally on the map: Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, sexy women and hot cars, but I had no idea this film was going to be this popular.

Which immediately has me thinking about how its going to do in its second cycle. Does it have the legs to keep this momemtum going, or will this go the way of Watchmen (which, by the way is nowhere to be found in the top 10 this weekend)? Only time will tell.

Here are the numbers from this weekend:

1 (new) The Fast and the Furious 4 $72,507,950
2 (1) Monsters vs. Aliens $33,510,000
3 (2) The Haunting in Connecticut $9,550,000
4 (3) Knowing $8,130,000
5 (4) I Love You, Man $7,850,000
6 (new) Adventureland $6,010,000
7 (5) Duplicity $4,300,010
8 (6) Race to Witch Mountain $3,351,000
9 (7) 12 Rounds $2,300,000
10 (11) Sunshine Cleaning $1,879,000

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