Star Trek Surprise Screening in Austin

Last night, Trek fans were invited by Harry Knowles and Aint It Cool News to see what they thought was a new print of the 1982 film "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn" and perhaps 10 minutes of JJ Abrams new film.

As ST2 opened, it started having problems, skipping frames and even melting a frame on screen. (A projectionist's nightmare, for sure).

However it was all a ruse. And when the film stopped, up on stage was none other than Leonard Nimoy, who, after the audience regained their composure, then directed them to show the new Star Trek film in its entirety.

I gotta hand it to Harry Knowles. The man has connections. I bow humbly before his geekness.

OK, so how is the new film?

Early reports are gushing about it. So far everything is positive.

We get this information from one of my contacts that was at the screening:
On par with Wrath of Khan. Maybe even better? Need to see Montalban do his schtick again, ASAP, to decide for sure. Incredible casting, stupendous effects. Tonight the producers said they are working on another one already, and that is good news for geeks everywhere.

We mentioned not long ago about the sequel already in the works but its nice to hear that this film is getting good reviews.

This is the film that Parmount needs to pull themselves back into mainstream entertainment and it sounds like this is a winner.

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