Last.FM Standings for April 29

Last.Fm Standings

For the second week in a row the song that Adam Lambert had previously sang is not in the top three listens. Unlike the remaining four who have had their previous song in the top three listens.


1.Adam Lambert --- 237,877 plays + 66,043(3,065 listeners) + 2007

The song he sang was “If I Can’t Have You” – Yvonne Elliman

His top three songs since last week:

1. Mad World – 996 Plays

2. Ring of Fire – 479

3. Born to Be Wild - 452


2.Kris Allen --- 96,769 plays + 26,427 (2,326 listeners) + 486

The song he sang was “She Works Hard for the Money” – Donna Summer

His top three songs since last week:

1. Falling Slowly – 511 Plays

2. Ain’t no Sunshine – 402

3. She Works Hard for the Money – 359


3.Matt Giraud --- 52,307 plays + 11,975 (1,871 listeners) + 277

The song he sang was “Stayin’ Alive” – Bee Gees

His top three songs since last week:

1. You Found Me – 208

2. Part-Time Lover – 196

3. Stayin’ Alive – 178


4.Allison Iraheta --- 39,448 plays + 11,340(1,891 listeners) + 232

The song she sang was “Hot Stuff” – Donna Summer.

Her top three songs since last week:

1. Hot Stuff – 253 plays

2. I Can’t Make You Love Me – 233

3. I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing - 217


6.Danny Gokey --- 32,151 plays + 5,324 (1,654 listeners) + 166

The song he sang was “September” – Earth, Wind & Fire.

His top three songs since last week:

1. What Hurts the Most – 190 plays

2. September – 162

3. P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) – 112

It might be Allison or Matt tonight, but no matter which I do believe next week Danny is going home if it’s not this week. The reason I think that is because if Allison goes home her votes, just a gut feeling, will go to Kris or Matt and if Matt goes home his will go to Kris and Danny will be left with the same voters and that's just not enough. I'm not good at this predicting thing, so don't listen to intently. I continue to think it’ll be Adam vs Kris.

What I am sick of hearing about American Idol:

OMG Danny Gokey is milking his wife's death toooooooooooooo much.

No, sir and Madam, you are milking it for all it's worth to get attention against someone you don't like. Don't justify you're hate in such a sick manner. If you don't like the talk then don't talk about it. Over talking about it means what? That you are the problem you are supposedly complaining about.

Adam Lambert is so the winner.

Says the people that are setting them selves up with the "OMG this was a fraud....Adam should have won. IT WAS STOLEN from him...unfair." Or it could be that for every person that left their fans picked someone else and that someone else was NOT Adam Lambert because they are also sick of his retarded need to do that scream note. Just maybe...

Matt's mole is....

What? Really? People who complain about other people's physical looks obsessively really need to stop hating on how they look so much and projecting. Just because your physical grotesqueness makes you wanna cry doesn't mean that you should down others. It's just obnoxious.

Anyway this is the best top five they've ever had. They can all sing really well and they are entertaining. No they are not over the top like Adam Lambert, sorry. But I don't enjoy over the top, blind me with white suits and bright lights. I enjoy the singing. If I enjoyed entertainment so much I would have gone to N'Sync and Brittney Spear's concerts or any rapper or pop star....but I don't.

I enjoy The Fray, Lifehouse and John Mayer a lot and I've seen two of them in concert. The Fray I'll be seeing this year. I am not the only one that enjoys them. There are millions and for me Kris Allen is like that and I could go to a concert and enjoy his singing with just a guitar. People that need more than that to enjoy someone's music are unnecessary. ha.

OH and no DialIdol. They've sucked the last two weeks and I don't care to mention them until, maybe, the final three.

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