Idol Chatter: The Wheat from The Chaff

Another week, another Idol sing-off! The show has shrunk to 1 and 1/2 hours from two hours...

Some observations:

- To Fox: I'm not sure you're hitting the right demographics by cross-promoting the Ozzy Ozbourne version of "Ow, my Balls!" during Idol. Most Idol viewers have the intellect of a twelve-year-old, which makes Ozzy-TV too immature by about seven years.

- Whomever is dressing Allison needs to be beaten with a blunt instrument. (A saxophone would do nicely)

- Ditto Scott's hair. It's just like I wore high 1988...

- Liked Kara for the first time when she snapped at the audience for booing her.

- Paula has officially gone off the rails. Props to Simon for acknowleging this after every time Paula speaks.

The singers are starting to separate into "Contender" and "Roadkill" categories pretty quickly. The line of demarcation seems to be the ability to: 1. Adapt a song to a recognizably "new" version and 2. Nail the vocals on it. By these standards, here's how last night played out:


Adam: My only fear for him is the expectations game. He's way better than anyone else, but can he top himself each week?

Allison: She has really grown on me as an artist. It's really hard to believe she's 16. If she keeps it up at this level, she'll be in the finals with Adam.

Danny: The dude sings with real passion. It's not contrived, fake or a function of the tragedy in his life. he is for real.

Kris: Look for the teeny-dialers to latch onto him soon. He does have the chops to contend here.


Lil: Continues to disappoint. Bonus for ranting about song choice for the entire rehearsal clip, and then getting slammed by the judges for a crappy song choice. For as good as she is "supposed" to be, she has not shown anything remarkable for several weeks. The judges will have to "save" her soon.

Scott: As a huge Billy Joel fan, I liked the arrangement, but I wish he had picked one key to sing it in, rather than the three or four he did use. He is fading fast. (and doesn't his brother look like Steve Buschemi?)

"Steve" is amused...

... very amused.
Anoop: This is what I meant by not being in top form every single week. Anoop at his best can compete with anyone...average Anoop is...well...average. (and dressing like the head waiter on the Starship Enterprise does not help...)

Matt: If he could just get that thing on his forehead to sing.... he is too much a clone of Danny and Kris, except not as likable as either. He'd better get used to the bottom three.

Megan: *Sigh*... the camera loves her... the microphone, not so much. Maybe it was a hormone-induced dream, but I seem to recall that she used to have a good voice...we have not heard it in weeks, and the show is running out of sacrificial lambs to throw under the bus ahead of her.

So, who do you think the voters will send packing?

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