Idol Chatter: Scott-Free

In one of the most predictable results show in recent memory, we bid farewell to Scott McEntyre. As he cane-taps into the sunset, we wave goodbye before realizing that waving is a wasted effort on a blind guy...

- Frankie Avalon. Way to stay topical, AI! Still, he looked great and sounded OK for a guy who's about 6000 years old.

- Group number sucked per usual. It's time to replace that. (I suggest more "behind the scenes" stuff).
- The "Making Of..." segment before the Ford commercial actually made the thing tolerable to watch. More of that type of thing, please.

- Bottom three were as we expected. After they sent Lil back, one contenstant looked like he was about to Anoop in his pants.

- Anyone unclear as to who Simon was refering to when he said the judges would save ONE of the bottom three?

- The "Lil Rounds Judge's Save" (TM) is unused for another week.

- Adam is walking away with this. It's not even competitive any more.

- Despite the fact that unless Adam is hit by a bus she will never win, I predict more commercial success with Allison than with Adam.

- Flo Rida was good. Kelly Pickler was not, but she picks her friends very wisely. (Taylor Swift)

New Odds:
Adam: 2:1 - Most oddsmakers (really!) have him at 5:6. Who knows...maybe there are a lot of busses in L.A.

Allison: 3:1 - She has what is needed for top-40 success: Talent, charm, and a unique voice. Plus, she'll do what she's told by the producers. Very much like early Kelly Clarkson.

Kris: 3:1 - I finally figured out who he looks like...ever see "Queer as Folk" on Showtime?


Hal Sparks from "QAF".

Danny 3:1 : Still cemented in the top three. The only question is whether he can beat Allison for number two....

Lil Rounds 10:1 : I'm getting tired of her attitude of entitlement. Apparently, so is everyone else.

Matt: 12:1 : If he can show some consistency, he can repeat last night's solid performance and hang in longer. If he tanks again, he's gone.

Anoop: 15:1 : The "bottom dweller" of the crowd. He still has lots of potential, but he's just lagging way behind this group. Plus, dude, man-up and wear your glitter, stud!

Anyone surprised by the result? I bet even Scott SAW it coming....

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J_Jammer said...

Top Five is going to be, in my humble opinion--of course:

Adam Lambert
Kris Allen
Matt Giraud
Danny Gokey
Allison Iraheta.

I think that the save was for Anoop. I think they are thinking of saving any of the top five I mentioned (now) and letting those two go...cause they are not good -- Anoop and Lil.

If this is the top five it will be one of the best American Idols in a long time.

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