Idol Chatter: Ode to (Megan) Joy

Well, I think we've seen this coming for a couple of weeks.

Megan is leaving Idol. What was less expected is her apparently losing her mind in the process. Spooky faces, telling Simon off, bird imitations?! She must be taking a sigificant amount of whatever Paula does.

Some observations:

- This group seems to be legitimately tight. The impressions (Anoop "doing" Kris and Allison "doing" Danny) were the coolest thing on the show in a while.

- Who does Allison need to kill to stay out of the bottom three? Ahead of Matt? Scott? Lil? c'mon, people!

- Lil must have a charmed thong or something... I don't get how she continually dodges the bottom three.
- They figured out a way to handle Scott in the choreographed numbers: stick him behind a piano!

- Anoop's fan support seems to be disappearing. Where did it go? Check Kris' numbers...and Danny and Adam.

- Megan clearly did not want to be in L.A. any more... and why should she? She misses her son, she'll never win the competition, and she's already locked in the tour. Nice to see a contestant care more about her kid than the fame and ego-trip... (right, Lil?)

- Looking at her "Memories" clip, I think Megan was cuter with darker hair.

- You will see Megan again... most likely as a model or show hostess.

- Funny watching Simon heap praise on megan at auditions after he'd just issued her a big "f*ck you!" on live TV.

- We're rapidly running out of girls, here...

- Good for David Cook going Platinum. Hope his brother is all right.

- That lady Ga-Ga performance was surreal... Michael Jackson + Madonna + Amy Winehouse + Phyllis Diller...

New Odds:

Adam 3:1 - Didn't hear much from him tonight. He keeps an appropriately low profile when not performing.

Danny 4:1 - Anyone who thinks he's faking the "good guy" schtick ... pay attention, it's clearly real.
Kris 4:1 - His stock continues to rise as Anoop and Matt lose support to him.

Allison 6:1 - I'm not sure why she continues to poll so low. She would actually deserve the "save" that will likely go to Lil.

Lil: 8:1- Keeps hanging around. The more I see her, the more overrated, egotistical and annoying I find her.

Scott: 10:1- Another one who's living on borrowed time, yet I feel like he's one or two excellent performaces away from bouncing back.

Anoop 10:1 - I think the teeny-dialers ditched him when he said he wanted to be an R&B artist... yeah, 'cause Anoop is definitely "street".

Matt 12:1 - He's got nothing original to offer. He overlaps Danny, Kris and Adam, and all three of them are more talented and popular.

So, was anyone shocked by the results? I'll miss Megan's face, if not her singing!

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