Idol Chatter: Movie Night

Well, the competition is getting as tight as the on-air schedule seems to be...

Some observations:

- Quentin Terentino = surprisingly good performance coach. (or maybe not so surprising...given that he sort of coaches performances for a living)

- The two judges speak thing: there is a bunch of stuff wrong with that:

A. It could effect results. Tough to argue that those who didn't get any "Simon time" are at a disadvantage.

B. It defeats the purpose of having four different judges.

C. The show still went over time.

D. Why not book an hour and a half for this performance night? Do they not have any extra lame filler-material laying around?

- Simon opens with a huge body-slam to Lil: "Allison, you are the only chance the girls have to win this competition." True...but cold, since Lil had yet to perform at the time.

- We may have to re-christen the "Lil Rounds Save". It looks like the Judges/Producers/Voters have decided to cut bait with her.

- Movie theme night does not lend itself to great song selection.

So, how'd they do?


Adam: Another off-the-charts performance. The arrangement was kind of love-it-or-hate-it, but you can't argue with the execution.

Kris: Continues to charm his way into the top three.

On the bubble:

* Note: this isn't a criticism of these performaces, but the bottom 2 are obvious and these 3 have vulnerabilities that could put them in the bottom three. (worry not...none of these will be kicked off, and if they are, they will be saved)

Danny: Still solid, but kind of coasting. He could get a "oops...we forgot to vote for him" trip to the bottom three.

Allison: Another very good performance, but the voting history does not favor her.

Anoop: Finally turned the corner and delivered a knockout performance... but is he too late?


If these two are not in the bottom three, I'll be shocked.

Matt: Yikes. This is what happens if you try an Adam-style arrangement without Adam-style talent.

Lil: Finally lost her cool a bit with the judges. (read: Simon) If she insists upon being a gospel singer, she should be on a different show. Arrangement aside, her performance was flat and lifeless. The only energy she showed was when she was pissing at Simon.

Gone tomorrow: Lil Rounds (if so, I win ten bux!!)

What did you think of the festivities last night?

Comment below!

1 comment:

J_Jammer said...

I hope Lil goes.

I voted for Chris. I only sort of like Adam...he's a hit and miss for me. Talented that's for sure...and the songs I like from him I really like, but Kris is consistent. Random arrangements of music do not entertain me.

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