Idol Chatter: '80's Tunes

Well, after the shocking death of Lawrence Kutner on "House", this seems almost anticlimactic. The Gang of Eight sang eighties tunes (from the year they were born) last night and stayed very much true to form.


- The baby pics were cute. Ryan's looked like Louie Anderson (Family Feud).

- Simon was disturbingly nice to almost everyone...even giving a "Standing-O" to one of the contestants. Hint: The guy who's going to win...

- I agree that Allison is beginning to shape out a lot like Kelly Clarkson.

- Anoop reminded me again of Kutner.

- Song choices were kind of wierd across the board. Where was Duran Duran? Michael Jackson? Billy Joel? I seem to recall those artists having a little play time in the '80s...

So, how did they do?


Adam: Another solid performance, but I don't think it was as good as the reaction it got. Adam has so much momentum at this point that it would take a major meltdown to unseat him.

Danny: Very savvy song choices and spot-on performances are keeping him at or near the top every week.

Allison: She's starting to look like a real contender to the judges, now... that usually helps.

On the bubble:

Matt: Very good vocals tonight, but I think it's too little too late.

Anoop: He needs to find himself fast. The show is running out of sacrificial lambs to throw under the bus. He's talented, but behind the curve in developing a persona.

Kris: He stumbled tonight, but his body of work, teeny-bopper fan base, and winning smile should carry him through.

Train wreck:

Scott: It's becoming increasingly obvious that his vision imparement makes it nearly impossible for him to connect to the audience. That, plus very mediocre performances, places him in immediate jeopardy. Plus...he's startng to come across as a bit creepy. And...I know I'm a sick bastard, but every time Scott sings a lyric about "I can see..." I chuckle.

Lil: The judges finally noticed what I've been saying for weeks. Lil can sing, but she is NOWHERE near as good as Tina Turner, mary J. Blige, or as she THINKS she is. She needs to go.


Bottom Three: Scott, Lil, Anoop

Outta There:

Should Be: Lil

Will Be: Scott

What did you think about the show?

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